Nico Franks

Nico Franks

Unfortunately not the famous femme fatal who collaborated with The Velvet Underground in the 1970s…

I am instead a writer and journalist, recently relocated from the hills of Yorkshire to living in-between two chicken takeaways in London.

I edit the New Bands Panel over at For Folk’s Sake and assistant produce for Strongroom Alive. Follow me @NicoFranks and read more at my blog.

Nico Franks: A Frank Blog


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  2. bentcousin

    Hi Nico

    We were so sorry to hear about the bike accident. We are so pleased you are not deady any more. Do you think Lou will give you that box of Toffee Chrisps he owes you now. We think he should. We feel you deserve them. Coming back from da dead and all. We are pleased you liked our song, do you like your bit, we do hopey so. Would you like to buy some glue? Pat & Amelia

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