Rob Ball

Oldie Rob Oldierob – aka Rob Ball – is not a musician and declares he has absolutely no artistic creativity. His art teacher suggested that he drop the subject when he was 15, and his trumpet tutor had a similar view – suggesting his talents were probably better focussed on the sports field.

Rob has been a lover of new music ever since being blown away by a band he’d never heard of, playing a support slot, called Genesis. By the time he was 16 he had a collection of over 200 albums – and still listens to some form of new music every day. He can often be seen in his natural habitat of a small dark music venue – or large open air festival – in a red hat, clutching a pint of beer. If you spot him don’t be afraid to approach, as he is totally harmless.

You can also let Rob know about your music, or recommend an act he should listen to, via Twitter @OldieRob.

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