Simon Poole

Simon Poole

Well this is probably the worst way to start off a biog of about myself, but the first thing I should admit to is that I’ve got some terrible taste in music. But panic not, I love music and my varied taste ranges from the bad to really great new music out there, and it is the latter I want to share with you at Fresh On The Net.

From an early age I would be listening to whatever my dad was tuned into on the wireless and would also be sat as his side when he was watching TV shows such as The Old Grey Whistle Test. I think I was about 8 years old (1978) when I started using my pocket money to buy my first records. Each time I would sit excitedly on the bus home just waiting until I could get to my bedroom and listen to my latest purchase.

My musical abilities have always been severely lacking (unless playing the triangle at primary school counts) and even though my passion for music has never waned I only ever saw myself as a record buyer and gig goer.

That was until a few years ago at the tender age 38 I met up for a chat with a certain Mr Tom Robinson. I talked to him about music at length and it became clear that I could in fact give something back to the music I had spent many a year just consuming. I decided to use my spare time to start a music blog in late 2009, here we are three years later and I am the proud ‘accidental editor’ of which is based in Manchester.

The website is run on a totally non-commercial basis; in fact it doesn’t even cover its own costs, which isn’t really a problem, as myself and the other 50+ contributors do so quite simply for the love of music.

The main gist of Silent Radio is this… We believe that the majority of the music press has become smug, superior, cynical, negative, bitchy and massively desperate to be cool. This has led them to see themselves as god-like figures with authority over the real consumers of music. The only people that have the right to make or break a new artist or band are the record buying and gig going public.

Much of the mainstream media has now lost touch with the everyday music fan. They treat music as a commercial product, when it should be treated in the same way it was made, with care and passion.

Many publications/websites will ‘tell’ you who is good and who is not. This is wrong, and we aim to inform, and hopefully in the process help you find new music. This is also what I hope to do by contributing on FOTN too. As none of this trip into the music world was planned I always refer to myself as an accidental editor, and now here I am with the prestigious honour of being part of Team Freshnet.

So anyway, that’s me in a nutshell and hopefully I can point some good new music in your direction.

Find me on Twitter – @SR_Poolie

Find my Freshnet musings HERE


  1. Hello Pooleeeeey
    Its Lee, hope you are ok x
    Check out the website, I’m still making music and have festival bookings this summer all over the uk, from Isle of Wight to Dumfries.
    Would love a review or comment or owt really.
    Best wishes Lee

  2. much obliged to you sir :0)
    glad you put loads of tracks on this week as i found it really hard to pick five


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