Massimo Zeppetelli


Massimo Zeppetelli

Massimo is a musician, producerphotographerwriterfootballercyclist and someone who loves computers and all things technological ever since he owned an Amiga. So basically a geek.

He works at the quirky Bally Rehearsal Studios in Tottenham, North London where many of the bands mentioned on Fresh on the Net come to rehearse

Massimo lives in a hospital.






  1. Nathan

    Hello Mass,

    can you do me a favour, can you tell me why my band TORS aren’t in the list of 30 for the forum? we posted it in the group, and I uploaded it via freshonthenet.

    is there something i’m missing? the recording, whilst only a demo isn’t bad, we’re getting gigs and good feedback? just wondered if there’s something i’ve missed.

    Kind regards,


  2. Thanks for choosing our track man …

    The SON

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