How To Send CDs To Radio

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This piece was first written in 2008. Music promotion has changed a lot since then and to read the updated version of this page click here.



  1. Go to recordings, click on my name, play album called Music & laughter, track 6, Penny For Your Thoughts.

    Your site is the easiest one of it’s kind i have looked at, it takes all the bullshit out of being heard, Kind regards Ray Boorman

  2. Cheers Ray
    Glad the site has been helpful – just ping us the track in question via the “Send us Your Music” link at top lefthand side. The team & I will definitely take a listen and if we like it we’ll put it on our listening post…

  3. That’s a great article Tom, shed light on many things I wasn’t sure about myself!

    If you could take a listen to my band’s brand new single that’d be amazing, we’ve had it played on our local BBC Introducing show but I’m not sure if you guys further up the ladder have had a chance to hear it yet! Here’s a direct mp3 link to stream it… link removed
    Many thanks,


    PS. Here’s the B-side too ;) link removed

  4. Tom

    Hi Chad – why not use the link right here on this blog that says “Send Us Your Music” ? You can send us your favourite track Monday to Thursday every week and a good half dozen of us will indeed take a listen to it. If we like it we’ll put it on the Listening Post that weekend where everyone else can hear and fall in love it.

  5. @ARIEL Thanks for letting us know

  6. Hi Tom, my daughter Tina sat next to you at the Musicians Masterclass, and you played her band’s song “Ray Mears versus Bear Grylls” on your show a week or two later; so first off I want to say a big thank you to you and the team from her and the band for your support. We’ve uploaded a further 3 tracks on the usual BBC uploader and there are another 2 waiting in the wings.

    I have 2 questions: Should we upload them here as well or will they reach you anyway? And… Is there a way in which we can get a kind of review or pointer as to what you think of the band’s tracks and music?

    Every little bit of advice and feedback helps….

    Thanks and Regards, Andy

  7. Is there any particular mailing packaging that should be used or just your typical CD mailer? Great article by the way

  8. Brendan O Reilly

    Do you know anywhere that would take cds that i have made.


  9. david james

    the best article on radio promotion. i was getting hopeless that without major label corporal muscle that i will be unsuccessful

  10. Hi Tom, The above advice is great. I present a show on a community radio station (currently waiting to see if we have gained FM status) and I also manage and promote some unsigned artists and bands. But my dilemma is this: I am currently working with a German band, signed to F.A.M.E. recording label so not technically unsigned but the goal is to create a presence here in the UK leading to an eventual tour. Their 7th studio album has just been released today and I am stuck as where to send it. I have uploaded to BBC Introducing and Amazing Tunes but wonder if you can offer any advice in building their UK audience please. Thank you. Great site by the way.

  11. The advises above are useful. It’s hard to send cds today for its easier to send it thru the net. Great article Tom!

  12. Great article Tom – some really sound advice here.

  13. What a lovely concept and very helpful. Bless you and come spin a tune people. I’ve got GOOD music.

  14. Thanks Tom,
    I appreciate it. I have uploaded an EP to Introducing- it can also be found at

    All the best,

  15. Ben

    Hi there,

    I have just released an album and printed them with a full dual case.
    I would like to know if I am waisting my time by sending in a few copies to radio stations as it is not in the plain white label packaging and it has already been released and I am not from the UK.

    What are my options?

    Any help would be great.


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