How To Speak Press Release

Hey bands! Why spend your hard-earned cash hiring a PR company to write a press release for your next single when you can do it yourself. Music promotion - as any fool knows - requires a highly specialised vocabulary quite unlike normal English. But using our new handy list below, you too can write inflated nonsense like a professional. After carefully analysing several thousand music…

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Listening Post: NOW CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who gave their time and expertise this weekend, picking their five favourites from the following list… BRITAIN - Someone Else BROOKE BENTHAM - We'll Be Ghosts CAJSA SIIK - Higher CHAIKA - White Hare CHIRPING - Ambitions CHRISTIAAN BARNARD TRIO - La Mouette DANIEL ALBINERI - All In My Dream ELEPHANTS AND CASTLES - Fashanu INDIA ELECTRIC CO. - Lost In Translation…

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Airplay Fail

Every week we say it in our submission advice and on our upload page when people send their music to Fresh On The Net: "For airplay you MUST also upload the track to BBC Introducing. NO UPLOAD = NO AIRPLAY." Every week people send excellent new tunes to our inbox which I can't include on my BBC Introducing Mixtape because they haven't been uploaded to,…

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