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This section where we try to offer fellow musicians a helping hand with tips/advice/insider information or whatever you want to call it. We all know first hand how hard it can be to get your music heard, so we’ve put together some guides, suggestions and insider tips opposite.

These include our Beginners Guides To The Music Business, How To Promote Your Music, Sending CDs To Radio, Songwriting Workshops, Gigging Solo, Double Your Chance Of Airplay, Musicbrainz, How To Write A Band Biog and much more…

None of what you’ll read here is 100% cast-iron fact – other experts may give you quite different answers to the same questions.  Most of it is personal opinions and tips based on our own experience – and we hope you’ll find some of them helpful.  We’ve included external links to other sites we’ve found helpful ourselves.

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  1. Hi Fresh On The Net!

    I’d like to introduce Chartburst to you! We’re a unique new UK startup that connects unsigned musicians with major record labels for deal consideration and feedback. We do this via our publicly-voted, genre-specific charts which are aimed at giving music lovers a say (vote) in the future of popular music by helping to decide who gets heard by talent scouts at Sony, Warner, Universal and many more.

    We launched our beta in January, had some great press coverage and already have over 9000 unsigned musicians and music fans signed up, and even the offer of a TV show.

    I’d love to discuss a couple of ideas we’ve had for sending undiscovered new talent to Fresh On The Net.

    Please get in touch if interested, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind Regards,

    Francis Gane
    – Founder

  2. Thanks guys. Will post it around to our friend’s bands
    -Lieutenant Jam

  3. I like to publish my track

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