Chris Leon

Chris LeonChris Leon (the moniker of Doede van der Hoeven) has successfully fulfilled the roles of radio host, PR representative, and longtime music lover.

He started playing the piano at the age of 8 years old and increasingly became invested in playing records and DJing at a local radio station throughout his teenage years. His excitement for music continued into college, where he established a DJ residency at one of the most popular clubs in Amsterdam, while regularly playing other venues. During this time, he also created a promotional music platform for early stage DJs/musicians, and organized live performances.

After college, Chris focused on crafting his own musical production and engineering, and broadcasting his work via Twitter. However, he soon realized that many, like himself, did not have access to airplay opportunities for their original music. In response, Chris founded a monthly radio show, Your Music Radio, in order to support unreleased and independent artists, and promoted their music to Indie Radio Stations such as Radio WigWam, The Premium Blend Radio Show, and the INCOGNITO show on Channel Radio 1.

In addition to hosting and producing Your Music Radio, Chris is currently the weekly sidekick on #MusicHourUK, where he helps with additional music promotion via Twitter, and is a writer for the Indie music blog Desert Island Cloud.

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