BBC Amplify 2017

Big thanks to everyone who attended my How To Get Heard session for BBC Introducing Presents Amplify 2017 at Excel today – it was a great turnout and good to meet you all. As promised here are a few handy links following on from that talk… if you need links to anything else, just post a comment at the bottom of this page and I’ll add it as soon as possible.
Tom Robinson x

EMUbands: for getting on Spotify, Apple Music etc

PRS For Music and & PPL
Join PRS for Music (to collect writer income)

Join PPL (to collect performer income)

Twitter App
What’s The Point Of Twitter

MusicBrainz and why it matters

The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook and the Penguin Rhyming Dictionary
Must-have book recommendations

Empty Facebook profile
Band biogs and why they matter


  1. Tom

    You can add comments or requests for further links here. For instance here’s how people can send me music from November 2017 onwards:
    T x

  2. Dave Zeitlin

    Thanks Tom for an inspiring, funny, informative session at the Excel this afternoon.

  3. Hi Tom, just brilliant that you take the time to put this together and share it. Thanks

  4. Louis Johnson

    Really happy I got to attend your session, loved it.
    Especially where you spoke to how much you have to give up in order to get to the top of the industry. I’m starting to see Music as something I do for me, stripping the expectation from it, freeing up the desire to just explore my musical passion.
    It’s been easy, as a teenager, to think that the ‘best’ way to do things is to try to be as successful as you can be with what you do/love.
    To hear people experienced, like yourself, speak to what it’s really like, honestly, not being afraid to disappoint some people along the way, is too valuable.
    I came to Amplify to find out how to make a good career in the Music Industry. I left Amplify with a sense that I wanted to develop my Music for ME, to just express myself, my way and not worry about making it any good or feeling like I needed it to be anything or cater to anyone. Just to enjoy it.
    Thanks Tom, all the best.

  5. Hi Tom,
    I really enjoyed your masterclass. Thank you so much for putting these links up, very helpful. Also thanks for playing my music on your show.


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