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BBC IIntroducing with Tom Robinson
BBC Introducing: Fresh On The Net was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music every week from 28 October 2008 until 2 April 2012. It started out as a single 120 minute show that went out every Saturday night from midnight (technically Sunday morning) with a mission of connecting listeners with new music and musicians with new listeners. In June 2008 it was expanded to two shows a week which went out at 1am every Sunday and Monday morning.

Our big thing was our Recommend Music web page where the public could suggest favourite tunes directly to the team, bypassing record company pluggers and promo CDs completely. All the music considered by the show had to be streaming in full on the web – the idea being to provide a guide to interesting new tunes that could be heard legally and for free online. The only exceptions were session tracks and tips from BBC colleagues.

Unlike most BBC shows, our tracklists had live links direct to the artists’ own websites. Those tracklists have now been compiled into one big searchable webpage (click to open in new window). Once it’s loaded you can scroll, browse or search through the entire four and a half years the show was on air.


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