JAY SPEARS – We Are All Born Lucky


Jay’s third CD of of humorous, happy, peppy pop serves up his easy-going west-coast sensibility with juicy harmonies, extra crispy guitars, brassy big-band beats, out-loud lyrics, and a bit of an edge.

“What can I give you, this time around? A paraphrase of Hemingway, that “We are all born lucky”? I’m living, singing, geetar-playing proof. Let me invite you, honored guest, into our fab yet shaky California paradise, with earthquakes, atheism, and meat, for starters; I’ll drive you around the City of Angels and tell you how lucky we all are, and about love, star-crossed with death. You say you want a revolution? After which dawns our victory day followed by a well-deserved good night’s sleep with me. And should we dream of secret gardens with plenty of streaming nectar, is that so bad?”


Released 27 March 2013
Lead guitars: Phil Gough
Saxes: Jacky Klinek
Drums: Doug Smith

Dave Pearlman, pedal steel (on Meat)
Richard Green, bass (on City of Angels)
J.D. Salbego, drum programming (on Drive Time)
Jose Arrellano, trombone (on We Are All Born Lucky)
Martin Brookes, harpsichord & organ (on Revolution)
Paul Hobbs, vocals & guitar (on Victory Day)
Jeff McCarthy, lead vocal and Ron Romanovsky, accordion (on Bougainvillea Waltz)

Vocals: Annie Combs, Kim Williams, Eric Adams, Sandy Kauffman, Mark and Teresa Garcia Herrier, Scott and Nancy Weintraub, Wendy Radford, Amy Amsterdam, Spencer Kayden, Kelly Harrison, Patrick Hardy, Todd Thurston

Words & music, guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, & vocals: Jay Spears
© 2013 Jay Spears Music ASCAP all rights reserved

Recorded at The Study, Larchmont Village, CA by Alec Dixon
and by Tommy Dietrich at Skylab Studio, Encino, CA
Additional recording by J.D. Salbego at JetStream Sound, Burbank, CA
More additional recording at Mossy Fossil Studios, Westchester, CA by Patrick Doolin
And yet more additional recording at Remote Cabin Studio by Martin Brookes
Drive Time recorded by J.D. Salbego at Sound Force, Van Nuys, CA

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