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Here’s the best way of sending me music. Some radio presenters and producers prefer to be sent physical CDs or vinyl, and you can read my guide here on how to send these to radio. But for getting music to me personally please send us your lead track here through Fresh On The Net (using Soundcloud) and also via BBC Introducing, to qualify it for BBC Introducing airplay.

If you have a stunning new tune to promote, I’m keen hear it. Simply upload it to BBC Introducing – then share it to Fresh On The Net via Soundcloud any Monday to Thursday morning, and I promise to listen to it. If I personally love what comes out of the speakers, I’ll play it on my BBC Introducing Mixtape show.

If other members of our moderation team love your track, they’ll also draw it to my attention. And if lots of them love it, it will go on our Listening Post here at Fresh On The Net for the public to hear. That won’t affect airplay, but it will give you extra exposure, and a chance to find out what complete strangers think of your music.

Record industry professionals: 95% of my free plays at 6 Music are for tunes submitted via BBC Introducing, not promo releases from labels. Some pluggers take the trouble to get a BBC Introducing account and follow the above steps on behalf of their artists. It does 100% guarantee that I’ll get to hear the track and consider it for airplay.

If you’d prefer to send me your new releases direct anyway, you’re welcome to email me – or my BBC producer Andy Warrell – a streaming link to them on Soundcloud / YouTube / Bandcamp etc. But – honestly – there’s only a 5% chance we’ll be able to play them on air if they’re not on BBC Introducing.

Please don’t send me music on disc though – here’s why:

Music sent to me on CD or vinyl is – sorry – unlikely to get heard. My three shows each week are:

Now Playing @6Music (Sundays 6pm): request show where none of the music is chosen by me.
The BBC Introducing Mixtape (Mondays 2am): ONLY music uploaded to BBC Introducing.
The Tom Robinson Show (Saturdays 9pm) Our guests each week play live sessions, give extended interviews, or curate music for the show. We also feature a dozen tracks from the BBC Introducing Mixtape plus a sprinkling of classic tunes through the show. From 11pm our After Hour features obscure, mostly vintage, music. So there’s only room in the show for 5-6 new releases from pluggers and labels. And on weeks when there’s festival coverage we can’t play any at all.

So for independent UK artists the best way to get your latest tune considered for airplay on my shows is to upload it to BBC Introducing and then share it to us here at Fresh On The Net via Soundcloud – any Monday to Thursday.


Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson


  1. Roger Bourne

    Hi Tom, I’ve just watched the amazing and informative lecture you gave at the roundhouse in December 2012. You say if we need to know where to get cheap .coms form to contact you so that is what I am doing.
    I need to get a domain name registered as well and do you know a good web site for me to start up with–I’m told the free ones are no good if I want to try and sell my music. I’m hoping you get this as I’m in a fix at the moment.
    All the best, Roger Bourne.

  2. Tom

    Cheers Roger – all the info for domains etc is in the “Show More” section on the video itself on Youtube. To save you going back to look it up, it says:
    *** Expanded version of this talk here: *** Posting comments asking us to “check you out” will not promote your music but the video has free advice on ways that WILL work.

    This talk is from a DIY Masterclass on 3 Dec 2012 hosted by Generator, the UK’s leading music development agency as part of Roundhouse 3030 in London.

    This is an audio recording of the opening session on “Attracting press, radio and online coverage” presented by Tom Robinson, covering the following topics:
    • How do you get your music to press, radio and blogs?
    • What goes in a press pack and what are people looking for?
    • Physical vs. digital press pack
    • Is your track right for the radio?
    • Setting realistic expectations
    • Release formats — tracks vs. singles vs. EPs & the pros and cons of physical
    • The pros and cons of hiring PR & Plugging specialists
    • Developing an online presence — websites, social networking, SEO & blogs

    Sending CDs to radio:
    Cheap .com domains:
    Cheap domains:
    Contact Tom Robinson:

  3. I’ve uploaded a track to Soundcloud for consideration, however I can’t see the option for “widget enable”. Can anyone help me?

  4. Hi Tom,

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the fantastic lecture on how to promote your music, very useful indeed – I’ve shared it with my friends and will be listening again! Thanks for all you do to champion unsigned music too!

    Much love!

    Sheena Bratt
    Venus Rising

  5. Gregor Macmillan

    Hi to if you get a chance could you please have a listen to The Cut Throat Razors on YouTube. They are a fantastic unsigned ten piece band who write, play and sing their own music. My favourite is Freedom, but it’s best to watch and listen to one of their live videos on YouTube.

    I would love to hear your feedback and they have a Facebook page.


    Hi gre just give the band the link to this page and they’re welcome to send Freedom over any Monday to Thursday like it says here…

  6. Hi Tom

    I’m searching for the track listing for the introducing mixtape for April 29, 2014.

    Please help,

  7. Tom

    Hi Gary – it was Monday April 28th you’ll be looking for, I think: the tracklisting is at

  8. Just watched the video of you opening submitted cd’s. I remembered the only way we got John Peel to pay my old band (Koniguan) was to send a minidisc in a ‘fun size’ box of home made cereal.. ‘Konigipops’. Even then i felt the physical object was nothing special if it wasn’t unique.

    I’m now almost obsessively back into vinyl and just wanted to know if you will be doing any carboot sales anytime soon 😉

  9. Poul Erik

    Hello Tom,
    i am a young boy from Denmark
    i am a big fan of your music ( i think you should know it)
    and love the track “Glad to be gay”
    have a nice day

  10. Hi

    I am unable to upload a track for emerging artist Harry Pane? It says user is blocked?


  11. @NatalieEarle
    Perhaps at some point Harry must have shared more than one track to our dropbox in the same week?

    Our volunteers can just about listen to 150 tunes a week but not 300 – which is why we very clearly say “Send us ONE track”. We have to automatically block artists who send two or more tracks in the same week, out of sheer selfdefence.

    However we always unblock people again if they ask us to – which we’ve just done – so you should be good to upload to us again this week. Let us know if you have any further problems.

  12. Thank you, I’ve uploaded one track. Sorry for the error before.

  13. Poul Erik

    Why do you not answer my comment??? i am a big fan

  14. Jess

    Get Tom are you still gay
    Or have you leave it behind you?

    Hey Jess you gave a fake email address with your message, but I notice you live in Balle, near Odder in Denmark.

    Amazingly that’s just 10 km away from Poul Erik Deichman Dahl who lives on Odderwej (8660 Skanderborg) and also seems keenly interested in this subject. Why not send him a friend request at and maybe you can discuss it together.

    If either of you are really that interested, there’s an entire website all about my sexuality at – the clue is in the name

  15. Hi there Tom,
    you interviewed us when we were in a band called Smile.
    check out our tune ‘Jesus Christ’.
    Next single coming out April. X

  16. Hi Tom. I think BBC Introducing is a fantastic facility and we are massively grateful that you played our song ‘The Heart of You’ on the Mixtape show. The only problem (and this is not in any sense a criticism of such a great service) is that we now can’t upload any new tracks until June even if we delete existing ones. I totally understand this but it does unfortunately mean we can’t send our new single (although we have emailed the link to Andy & Ben). We’ll definitely be uploading new material in June though so I understand we may simply have to be patient. Most importantly, thanks for everything you do for new & emerging artists. 🙂

  17. @NeilMarch Hi Neil – I personally agree with you that the BBC Introducing limit is now way too draconian because there are a great many BBC shows that can internally access your music once it’s there.

    Both on the BBC Introducing Mixtape and here at Fresh On The Net we do try to offer open access to anybody to send in a tune and be sure of it getting heard. But in fact we also ask any artists we feature to wait 12 weeks before re-submitting.

    Here’s why:

  18. Tom, thank you for your response and I absolutely agree with your whole ethos and approach. It must be a mammoth operation trying to decide what to play from the never-ending stream of new tracks you receive and, judging by the Mixtapes and playlists you keep putting out, there are so many great tracks to choose from too. Your commitment is hugely appreciated.

  19. Dear Mr. Robinson,

    My name is Nikola Vranic. I am a singer-songwriter from Zabok,Croatia and
    I must’ve watched your BBC Introducing Masterclass from 2013 on
    “How musicians can get their music heard” over 20 times because
    I want to learn about the music industry as much as I can. And I
    have to say that that’s the best video on YT there is and I thank you
    for that.

    However, in your masterclass, you never mentioned anything about
    foreign artists and their way of getting into the UK music business(or is the way the same?) and if there is any chance they get to be played on any of the radio shows.

    I would really appreciate an answer (when you have some spare time, of course 🙂



  20. Dear Mr Robinson,

    Just a brief message to say thank you to you and your team for all that you do helping unsigned musicians. Much appreciated by all us indie musicians.

    Best regards,

    Mr Mandrake

    Thankyou very much for these kind words Mr M 🙂

  21. Carl Cooper (Bluepint

    I watched the talk you gave on how best to promote your music on the BBC introducing site… Probably the best talk i have heard ever. Clear, concise and your use of metaphor is just the ticket. One question.. I have a new track uploaded to bbc introducing but i have temporarily stopped using my soundcloud account so how can i get it to you without using this platform?.. This track is “that track”… That you say… “has to be amazing”… Yes I’m bound to say that… But.. Check it out… NO FOOL BLUEPINT ft YZZY & VOLTAGE… Or doni just email you an mp3?… All i can say is thank you to all the guys on your teams bbc introducing and tbe fresh on the net crew for helping make it happen for all of us. Amazing xx

    We promise to listen to every track we’re sent – and some weeks we get more than 200. The only way we can possibly manage this is if all the tracks arrive in the same Soundcloud playlist. If you don’t want to use your own Soundcloud account, just create a temporary one and share your track with us from there.

  22. Demetrius Brown
    I have enclosed my Spotify page I have over 450 CDs I need to sell they are all packaged independent albums of my group Bohemian Fifth.
    Obviously I know it wouldn’t be for free. If you could listen to the CD see if it’s worth the Endeavor feedback would be very much appreciated.
    D. Brown

    You didn’t actually read the blog post on this page, did you?
    Team Freshnet

  23. Hey Tom,

    Hope all is well!?

    We’re a 5 piece alternative rock unsigned band from Holmes Chapel. We’re all 17 years old and have recently released our first two singles ‘People in My Head’, which was used by Match Of The Day a few weeks back, and ‘Cold Blooded’ which was recently played on by Jim Salveson on XS Manchester. Now we’re pushing for more radio play and we’d love you to listen to them and if you can, possibly give them a play?

    Our next gig is in the Manchester club academy on November 9th and if you wanted to capture our live sound, we will get you a ticket and allow you to get to know us.

    Streaming links below, let us know your thoughts. And if you need mp3 download links I can send you those.

    AppleMusic: genericlink
    Spotify: genericlink
    Appreciate your time,
    Angus (lead guitarist)

    Um, you didn’t actually read this page about how (and when) to send music to Tom, did you?

  24. Hi Tom,
    This is a super idea and I’m currently trying to upload something to you via amazingtunes. I’m from Scotland but live in Austria so i guessed that would be the best way to send it. Sorry to have to ask, how do I send the track to you once it is on amazingtunes? I’m still old school when it comes to music… Sad but true!



  25. Tom,
    Also been an admirer of your show. Looking forward to your reaction to the previously unreleased Rasputin’s Stash psychedelic funk album from ’76.

  26. Osea Codega


    I’m a Singer/Songwriter, composer. I’ve recently published 3 albums, pop oriented and elettronica.

    I would like to know how do you prefer to receive demos in order to consider my music for airplay.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  27. Get Well Soon , Tom !

    Please kindly take a very good look at this Amazing Soundcloud (Music) Track (below) ; whenever you do eventually come back to work.

    Very Many Thanks.



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