Clips, Snippets And Teasers

Animal Noisewere featured by Johnno in last week's inaugural Prick & Ding feature. Their song Run Loose sounded pretty good and was enough to send me to the BBC Introducing Uploader - where their song Baddow (below) blew my socks off. It's a wonderful piece of music - played from beginning to end with such fresh, ferocious energy that I immediately decided to embed it here…

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Live Blog from LSW Workshop

[caption id="attachment_417" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Photo by Christian Payne (Flickr: documentally)"][/caption] Steve Lawson (Twitter: solobasssteve) devoted an afternoon to liveblogging today's Fresh On The Net session for London Songwriters Week with Andrew Dubber and TR. It's incisive account, cutting straight to the heart of each issue that came up - in very few words with an instant and skilful on-the-fly précis. Astonishing the way he managed…

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