THIS WEEK:VINNY PECULIAR Vinny Peculiar is a songwriter/poet based in Manchester - with an acute pop music sensibility running through his work. It's as if he's logged all the best bits of 20th and 21st century UK culture, distilled them at Gas Mark 6 for a while, and then re-imagined them in the form of a shapely new song. There's something familiar and trusting in…

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Music and the Machine

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking at Fig Tree as part of their Figtalks series in the Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012. This is what I had to say... This opening is taken from a conversation between Bill Drummond and Tom Hodgkinson published in the Idler. (You can get it here) BD: I don’t do Facebook. I don’t know whether it’s a generation thingTH:…

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Bill Drummond Lecture

Check this out: a rivetting lecture on the death of recorded music given by Bill Drummond at Radio 3's Free Thinking '08 festival  in Liverpool. It's a charismatic, wise and uplifting performance. The idea of recorded music as "product" is, he thinks, an outdated concept unique to the 20th Century that spawned. The rapid collapse in value of recorded music is, he thinks, A Good…

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