Review: Never Closer by Raphael Doyle

The build-up for Never Closer has been intense, in part because of Tom Robinson's introduction and updates on the album's Pledge Music site, but also through the impact of Raphael's intensely confessional poem I Come From Ireland. Released as an early single, it found favour on the Listening Post and reached our Fresh Faves back in October 2016. Would the album live up to expectations?…

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Review: Down Down Down By The Bedlam Six

If it's better to be late to the party than not arrive at all, the opportunity to discover a band through their final album is as sweet as being in from the beginning. Conceived in grief and rum, the band has been around since 2006, starting out as a duo. An incarnation as "The Black Velvet Band" transformed into "The Bedlam Six" as musicians joined…

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