THIS WEEK:DEMENTIO 13 Dementio 13 is an Cardiff based artist making wonderful electronic soundscapes in a variety of styles. His music has always held an intriguing fascination for me,moving from 'gentle & reflective' to 'knock yer fillings out' in a matter of moments. Insightful collages of sound from an alchemist's lair if you like. July 15 see's the release of the release of his new…

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Eno’s BBC Plea

OK - I was forwarded an email from Brian Eno this afternoon, asking people to circulate it as widely as possible. To declare an interest, I work for the BBC where the cynically-named Delivering Quality First cuts are about to take a bite out of my little corner of the world. So if this had come from some BBC apparatchick or other interested party like…

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