Ed Hamell Is The Happiest Man Alive

Back around 2001, it must have been, Miles Hunt from The Wonderstuff told me to come and see a new American singer-songwriter at The Borderline in London with him. To be honest, my heart sank - with the mental image of yet another dreary troubadour plucking lifelessly at the strings of an acoustic guitar while sat on a stool and warbling about man's inhumanity to…

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THE OTHER WOMAN: Sophie Jamieson/ Mensch

Sophie Jamieson - The Harbour Wall The best thing about being part of a network of new music fanatics, is getting tips from your mates. Skopje puts on acoustic nights in Watford, north London, and always nabs himself the best of line ups. Sophie Jamieson is one such tip he sent over to me, and this song The Harbour Wall is just beautiful. And we're…

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