Laying Ghosts to Rest : Gris-de-Lin on Her Debut Single and Birthday Cake Cocktails

Gris-de-Lin recently featured on the Fresh on the Net #FreshFaves and, you can read the rapturous review our very own #SnippetCuts, Johnno Casson, of Warm & Toasty Club fame, gave her by clicking on the hyperlink. Hailing from Bridport, Dorset, Gris (as we shall fondly call her from now on) is an exceptionally talented, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and, visionary.  "Visionary?" I hear you cry (yes, I do!). Yes…

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Shallows are Diving into the Deep End

Let me introduce you to Shallows, an exciting new electronic music project who recently dived into the musical deep end when they published their debut track, Enso, on Soundcloud. "I always fall in sequence not as one, I think I always fall where I know it can be undone..." Hailing from Winchester, Shallows are guitarist Paul, keyboardist and drummer Matt, and vocalist Jo.  Only recently formed, they were drawn together by a shared…

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Seeing Through Sasha

A Fresh On The Net Catchup with Sasha Siem We caught up with Sasha Siem recently when she was on her way from the UK to Norway, to perform at the Oslo Chamber Festival. This week will see her take to the stage. and the cello, alongside her violinist brother Charlie, for a two concert special, as part of this year's Festival line up. Charlie…

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