Review: Songbirds by Kate Dimbleby

Think of a capella music and you may well bring to mind Pitch Perfect, The Flying Pickets or The Roches. What you won't expect is the complex variation provided by singer-songwriter Kate Dimbleby in Songbirds. Whilst this is her sixth studio album, it's the first that she considers to be truly herself - "Everything laid bare". Songbirds is the product of a life explored. From…

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Regular visitors to The Listening Post may well be familiar with Folkstock Records, a prolific boutique label well known for championing new, acoustic folk and roots music. It's a testament to the excellence we've come to expect from them that their artists frequently make it through to the Fresh Faves, including Sera who appeared in Bobby's reviews of batch 212 - but rock? That would…

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Folkstock: A small festival with a big heart

I was lucky enough to attend (& play) the inaugural Folkstock Festival this past weekend & what a lovely festival it was too. Folkstock is an acoustic festival whose proceeds go to the charites CancerĀ Research UK and theĀ Folkstock Arts FoundationĀ (helping support and develop acoustic artists). A new boutique festival has no right to be this friendly,this welcoming & this well organised has it? Well Folkstock…

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