THIS WEEK: STRAW BEAR Straw Bear are a 5-piece band working, living, breathing and making fine music all over the South East of England. Yet again it was the melody, the tone and the delivery that pulled me in when Straw Bear first came jumping out my speakers via Shell Zenner's wonderful radio show on Amazing Radio. I cooed, I swooned, I did a short…

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Death At Sea: From Guitar Fuzz to Blog Buzz

Death At Sea are your new favourite band - and here's why: Good to get that out the way.┬áNow... on to the details. In January 2012, five twentysomethings from Liverpool surfaced on the internet under the name Death At Sea with two tracks, some grainy Super-8 videos and artwork that gave little away as to the band's actual appearance. A lot of artists use…

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Doubling Your Chance Of Airplay?

Q: I've recently finished an album which is about to be released and I'd love your advice Tip Number One: whatever kind of release you're envisaging I'd strongly recommend doing a simultaneous release on Bandcamp. This gives digital customers the option of buying it in lossless quality, and you'll earn a higher percentage of the purchase price than you'll get on iTunes etc. The other…

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