MUSIC VIDEOS Lux Lisbon - Get Some Scars Get Some Scare is the new single and video by London based band Lux Lisbon. The single will be included in the new EP of the same name that will be released on March 25th, a 4 tracks EP that also includes their already popular song Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist.  Lux…

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Six Degrees – (#4)

Welcome back to Six Degrees, our music and video section featuring 6 bands every week. Today I am writing from the beautiful city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, having some days off with the family. Beautiful city, nice people, great gastronomy and good beer! ;) Beer? Oh! This sounds good. Let's have one together! A toast for the bands of Six Degrees. Cheers! MUSIC VIDEOS Nudybronque…

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