Bad news for the many fine young Welsh artists currently singing lyrics in their own language, such as Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog (above). A BBC-wide directive has just been issued with immediate effect, stating that no more Welsh Language music can be played on air until further notice: This e-mail is being widely circulated across the BBC in order to ensure that the BBC does not…

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Music Publishing

This is based on a piece written back in 2005 - a year before the launch of YouTube. The music business has changed a huge amount since then: the DIY sector has tripled in size and generous publishing deals are few and far between. But that makes it all the more important today not to blindly grasp at the first one you're offered. Contrary to…

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How To Get Paid Part 1 – Royalty Collecting Societies

This is the first of four posts I'll be doing about this over the next few weeks. Collectively the posts will look at how to make money from your music. The subject for today, and my thanks to Charlie Phillips, Head of Legal and Commercial Affairs at AIM with this, is… Royalty Collecting Societies So what is a royalty collecting society? Broadly, they are the…

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