From Dusk Till Dawn

The following comment posted by Alastair Gunn from Crewe four-piece The Dusk raised an interesting point which deserves more than a cursory answer. Hi Tom, as much as I applaud the general ethos of BBC Introducing and your (and others) support for it, I am increasingly concerned that personal preference is diluting it’s effectiveness. I will not be specific about which regional centre we’re talking…

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Setting A Release Date

It was nice surprise to be asked to contribute to the advice section for independent musicians on the main BBC Introducing website, alongside such Radio One luminaries as Huw Stephens and Tim Westwood plus  various managers, engineers, record company executives, promoters and upcoming artists. Gratifyingly, the BBC Introducing Blog has also started including the Websites Of The Week from my 6 Music radio show in…

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Fresh On The Net

A typical radio station inbox It's never been easy for up-and-coming musicians to get heard. Record companies can only sign a fraction of the available talent, and radio stations can only play a fraction of the records they release. There simply aren't enough hours in the day - at BBC 6 Music we get sent hundreds of CDs every week - more than anyone could…

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