THIS WEEK-ROB MARR Rob Marr is a singer/multi instrumentalist based in Brockley, South East London. What is it about Rob's music that is so damn listenable? Quirky offbeat beats,rhymes & vocals? Maybe but quirky is a tag that has a habit of following you around when you are not so easily defined as a musician so I won't put that one on Rob. Is it the…

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Fresh Faves: 26 March 2012

This Week’s Fresh Faves as chosen by you, our readers, from a field of 27 strong contenders. You can see who picked what on last week’s Listening Post. These tracks aren’t “better” than the other 16 – they’re just the Eleven that you (and we)  happened to like the most. They're listed isted below in alphabetical order: CANUTE - Ephemeral A dischord of strings start and end…

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