THIS WEEK:MERZ Merz is British song musician Conrad Lambert who is currently based in Bern, Switzerland and - in my humble opinion - one of this country's finest musical talents. With four spellbinding albums to his name - in 'Merz', 'Loveheart', 'Moi Et Mon Camion' and 'No Compass Will Find Home' - Merz is an artist who should be celebrated as an aural sculptor of…

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Fresh Faves: Batch 34

Reviewed by Team Freshnet’s Massimo Zeppetelli From blues to speed dating, this week we have one mighty range of music and visuals for your pleasure to make this week all the more better than it originally is planned to be (see how I knew your week was going to be awesome before you even told me!). Enjoy... To see the full list click Read More…

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