THIS WEEK: ORWELL Orwell is a pop band from Nancy, France headed by Jérôme Didelot and I've been enjoying their music for a while now. I find it brilliant, interesting, warm, melodic and inspiring. It has the feel of movement, of journeys, of colour (Technicolor) and, yes, sweet blissful melody.  And enjoyment should be shared :-). They are label mates of mine on one of the…

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Lists, Reverends and Ady Johnson

I like to write lists. Shopping lists, things to do lists, foods to avoid lists(yep-gluten free here;) and the most cherished of all my lists-Song lists. But even though it might appear to the outside world I am a very organised person it is all quite random and has a lot to do with my memory abandoning me in my teens like an uncaring &…

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