THIS WEEK:DEMENTIO 13 Dementio 13 is an Cardiff based artist making wonderful electronic soundscapes in a variety of styles. His music has always held an intriguing fascination for me,moving from 'gentle & reflective' to 'knock yer fillings out' in a matter of moments. Insightful collages of sound from an alchemist's lair if you like. July 15 see's the release of the release of his new…

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Pioneering UK Indie?

This week, in the run-up to the AIM Independent Music Awards this November I was asked to nominate the most pioneering UK Indie label founder and most inspirational Uk indie artist of all time. Before choosing it seemed wise to take soundings from my friends on Twitter and I duly threw out the question. There were so many excellent suggestions that I've posted the whole…

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