MUSIC VIDEOS THE SCHOLARS – Love The Thunder This video was directed and edited by Sam King Recorded. The Scholars’ music was performed live. The Scholars are an indie rock band from Banbury, Oxfordshire. With influences by The Boxer Rebellion or Twin Shadow,  The Scholars formed in 2008 and they have been supporting bands like Two Door Cinema Club, The Boxer Rebellion and Chapel Club.…

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MUSIC VIDEOS Lux Lisbon - Get Some Scars Get Some Scare is the new single and video by London based band Lux Lisbon. The single will be included in the new EP of the same name that will be released on March 25th, a 4 tracks EP that also includes their already popular song Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist.  Lux…

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zHappy New Year! We are back on business. I hope you had a nice time during holidays. I see your ears dusty and with spider nets so let’s put them in shape with some good music from our Fresh On The Net bands. Enjoy! MUSIC VIDEOS Ruth Stavric  - Deep Dark Ruth Stavric is a singer-songwriter with an incredible voice and a broken heart. I…

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