Fresh List #1

Hi everyone As part of a new feature,Fresh On The Net team members are sharing Spotify playlists with you of music that feeds their souls,warms their cockles & lift their spirits or purely music they think is worth sharing. For starters,check out Johnno Casson's Part 1 of artists who have interviewed for the regular Fresh On The Net feature 'Prick and Ding' Tracklist Animal Noise…

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Once again, Six Degrees is back at Fresh On the Net. Featuring 6 bands, the selection of this week consist of Hiatus & Shura, Port Isla, The Explorers, Del Casino, Steel Trees and Weird Shapes. (more…)

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THIS WEEK: WEIRD SHAPES Weird Shapes are a 5 piece indie rock band from Stockton-on-Tees. A great band that have featured on these very pages through their fine songs & have been championed by no less than the Fresh On The Net head honcho Tom Robinson Don't take your eye off this band for a minute, they are on a upward trajectory that will likely end…

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