Add An Icon To Your Comments

In the comments on our Listening Post Eromnim3 once asked: "How do you add an icon to your name?" The small photo you see beside some users' names in the comments at Fresh On The Net is called a Gravatar. To create your own, prepare a square image (up to 512 x 512 pixels) then head along to and create a free account there,…

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Now Playing At 6 Music Blog Awards – FOTN Award

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the comments on this. We are delighted to announce the winner from our very strong shortlist of the 2013 Now Playing At 6 Music - Wisdom Not Waffle Award is... Make It In Music Make It In Music is a phenomenal resource for new bands, artists and labels alike – in fact anybody starting out in the music industry.…

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Behind the Scenes #2

Simon Pursehouse (Director of Music Services at Sentric Music) The glut of recent news stories surrounding the financial woes of HMV, the UK's last remaining high street music store, clearly demonstrates a change in consumer habits. Physical format is out, save for a few luxurious niches, digital is in. Streaming and downloading dominate the way that the majority of us consume music in 2013. The…

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