Submission Info

If you share just ONE track while we’re open our whole team will listen to it.

Please don’t submit more than one tune: if you do, your music won’t get heard and your account may be temporarily blocked.

If you don’t have a Soundcloud account, go here, choose “Create Account” (it’s free) and upload your track.

Then click “Connect with Soundcloud” to authorise Fresh On The Net to access your Soundcloud tracks. Once authorised, enter your email address and choose the track to submit.

All tracks will get heard and considered by the team for our Listening Post [info:] and also by Tom who chooses tunes for The BBC Introducing Mixtape from the entire inbox.

We listen to 150-200 tracks every week, so Fresh On The Net can’t give you individual feedback. However some of our moderators may occasionally leave comments and encouragement on a track they personally find interesting.


1) Only send ONE track, and make sure the dropbox says “OPEN”

2) Our whole team will listen to it, guaranteed. No need to re-send it another week

3) For BBC Introducing airplay tracks MUST also be uploaded to

4) If we feature you on our Fresh Faves or BBC Introducing Mixtape, please wait 12 weeks before sending us another track

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