Cosmo Does It Again

He’s done it again!!! Cosmo Jarvis shows everybody how its done with this brilliant video.

He continues to tick all the right boxes and then some – a lesson in being creative is Cosmo: jump on this, share this, love this !!! Thats all.

Johnno Casson

Johnno Casson is a London-born/Colchester-based singer, musician, songwriter and show-off. He also compiles and releases compilations and is a serial supporter of new music. Johnno releases his own music as Snippet ,Old Tramp and also under his own name Johnno Casson.. As far as we know he was the most-played artist ever on Tom's legendary late night Fresh On The Net radio shows on 6 Music - having been featured no less than 18 times and appearing as an interview guest. You can also find Johnno on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube...

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