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If you have an enquiry about operational issues please contact our webmaster.  You can also send email via that link for Tom Robinson, but if you would like him to listen to your music, please see  rather than emailing it to him direct – thanks!

Anybody is welcome to send us one tune each week from Monday morning – see Send Us A Track on this blog. A dozen or more of our volunteers (including Tom) will listen to it and if Tom adores it he will consider it for airplay on his BBC Introducing Mixtape. If one or more of the team adores it, we’ll also add it to our Listening Post so you can find out what strangers think of it.

We don’t consider sent on CD or by email – but for tips and suggestions on sending CDs to other radio shows in the UK, see the article How To Send CDs To Radio. You can find individual members of Team Freshnet on Twitter…

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  1. Rod Gray

    Dear Tom Robinson
    My vinyl edition of War Babies: Hope & Glory has just about given up the ghost. Is there any chance we might see it re-issued in – CD form? Download? Who do we need to Twitter to get it released? Here’s hoping: Old Friend is STILL brilliant after all these years. Thanks, Rod

  2. Tom

    @Rodgray Couldn’t be simpler – you can download it for free in high quality at – thanks for your kind words about the record!

  3. dear tom,
    from when it came out until today i listen to Power in the Darkness and to all the other great songs on your first record. i have trb2 aswell, but the first record is a timeless masterpiece. now i’m 53, but i’m sure i’ll listen to it when i’m (64)… 75!

    all the best from Munich,
    Alexis (m)

  4. Hi Tom,

    Good to meet you at the Tooting Lido gig on Saturday and to have you get up and do a few numbers with us. We should do it again sometime.

    Best wishes from all the band,


  5. Tom

    Hi Chris

    Really enjoyed the selection of 60s faves that Fluke played at the South London Swimming Club party last Friday at Tooting Bec Lido. Thanks so much for letting me get up and sing “Gimme Some Lovin” and “It’s All Over Now” with you. See you there next year!

    Tom x

    Tom Robinson & Fluke, Tooting Bec Lido 6th July 2012
    Photo courtesy of click pic to zoom

  6. Tom pleasure to meet you at AIM Indie Conference – As discussed I’m pleased the effort put into the BBC Introducing Platform is starting to Work – Please give Feedback on two artists who have uploaded their stuff there Arbitors from Northampton: and Lowlife from Deepest South Wales who have done the charity Cover I Mentioned:, Thanx

  7. Tom

    Hi Dean – likewise a pleasure. The best way of getting a tune to me and Team Freshnet is via this blog – at the top of the page it says “To send us a track click here“.

    If any of us likes it enough, we publish it on the blog that weekend. If the public like it enough, we review it in our Fresh Faves. And if I like it enough I go and find it on the BBC Introducing Uploader and play it on the radio. Simple as that.

  8. HI Tom
    My names is Yves Jean, Im a musician from New York City and Haiti.
    I check out your show Mixtape here in the states and love it!
    I love what you do with new music and some unknown acts.
    Ive played Europe a few times . I really want to break into the UK Market.

    I wanted to introduce to you my style of music that I write with my band, Its a mixture
    of Alternative Rock, Haitian and Electronic.
    I just released my fourth album and I would love to send the album and get your thoughts on it.
    Please let me know.

  9. Tom

    Hello Yves Jean – see 9 above…
    The best way of getting a tune to me and Team Freshnet is via this blog – at the top of the page it says “To send us a track click here“.
    All the best,

  10. Tom I must apologize for my ignorance. I sent this email prior to reading the criteria to sending music. I’ve sent the music and hopefully you will enjoy it.

  11. Robert Wall

    Hello Tom,
    I have been a life long fan of the music of the Tom Robinson Band and how I wish that there was a music scene like that of the late 70s/80s. One of my personal favourites is blue murder and think that music is such a powerful medium to carry political messages. I have written some new lyrics to the blue murder music and I would like to explore the possibility of using these lyrics with the blue murder music and wonder if you would be interested in such a project. Best wishes Robert

  12. Hi Tom. Was a pleasure to have lunch with you at the indie con the other week. Your advice is golden and the seminar was incredibly inspiring. Hnestly it was worth it just for that lunch! I popped a song up on the fresh on the net soundcloud, but i really want to know what you think. hope you’re well and all the best. JT x

  13. Richard Goffin-Lecar

    I have been a fan of Tom Robinson, both as a musician/songwriter and as a humanitarian, for over 35 years. (Sorry Tom, it really has been that long!). I am a jazz multi-instrumentalist, playing saxophones, clarinets, and various other instruments. I still love the original TRB, and still regularly listen to TRB Greatest Hits, and Power in the Darkness. I would love to be able to attend one of your songwriting workshops. Please could you send me some details of any that you may be doing. Many thanks, Richard Goffin-Lecar.

  14. Laurie Penny


    I’m trying to get in contact with Tom Robinson – really urgently – for an interview. could someone email me back at

    Thanks and solidarity x

  15. Rob Smart

    Cast your mind back….Brockwell park, rock against racism, tough for me also…I was the snot nosed oik that you gave your speech notes to, even had you sign them, just rediscovered them in a box of treasures..thanks again, brought back wonderful memories of a bygone era!

  16. Simon Eason- Brooke's

    Hi Tom
    Just a quick Hello from me and Michelle… Hope you and your family are all well. Ours are fine…
    Do you still keep in touch via the old Castaway connection ? If so. Sign us in 🙂
    Any chance of you playing live anytime soon near Manchester ? My son Manages the old Green Room venue in Manchester ( opposite The Ritz ) can always fix you up !
    All the best
    Simon and Michelle E- B

  17. Dear Mr Tom Robinson,

    I hope this letter finds you well.

    We are going to open a special ‘Rainbow bookshelf’ on Umeå City Library, the 24th of September 2012. It will be a shelf with books, films and magazines with LGBT-content.

    It is a way to work against homophobia and discrimination, and to make the library more welcoming for gay people.

    You are popular in Sweden and your song ‘Glad to be Gay’ is very popular, especially for everyone in the LGBT community. We would be very grateful if you could write us a short greeting for the opening ceremony of the shelf, a greeting we can read on the opening and also use when we promote the bookshelf.

    If it is possible, please write a greeting to my e-mail address.

    Yours Sincerely
    Christer Edeholt
    Umeå City Library

  18. Steff Lane

    Hi Tom,
    I’m not sure if you received my reply to your message regarding freshonthenet that you posted via soundcloud yesterday.Is there any way that you can please let me know?
    I’ve also written a few words regarding the subject if you would kindly inform me where to send it.
    with many thanks and wishing you well,

  19. Seamus O Neill

    Hi Tom ,,would you ever consider playing a gig in Belfast again

  20. Dear Tom,

    I thought you might appreciate this short video piece I made as a video installation for my father’s sculpture show. My dad has loved your music for decades, and in particular, “1967 (Seems So Long Ago)” has long been a favorite of his because it speaks to his personal experiences. He hails from Southend-on-Sea, and since much of his sculpture deals with both pleasant and unpleasant childhood memories, we felt we had to include the song as a key part of the accompanying video installation.

    It is here on Vimeo if you should like to see it. There is also a gallery on Facebook of some of the sculpture pieces. I hope you enjoy them.

    Gallery Photos –

    – Jack Criddle

  21. Hello Tom,
    I uploaded a song yesterday called (keep it moving), to fresh on the net drob box. But now i cant see it, will it be pending to be listened to etc.

    Sorry i just cant seem to find where it will be, all thats changed is it has duplicated on my soundcloud. Im not sure if i have done this right.

    I would appreciate any reply, thanks for your time.

    Kind regards


  22. Kilian Boushel

    Hi Tom, I worked at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh in the early 90’s when you had your run there. I have never forgotten it. In My Life has stuck with me for 20 years (your version). I find myself randomly singing it and then think of Bilbao and the rest of what was an awesome gig. I got to see you about 5 times that summer and it was awesome. You also gave me a lift home one night I was stuck so thank you for that! I live in Brisbane now. Any chance you might tour here? Also, are you on facebook?

  23. just wanted to say i read up a lot about you and i really appreciate what your doing for music

  24. Thanks for the play Tom. As you may have already guessed this is Mark from the pocket gods. I started up this new band as I wanted to try something different from the usual indie lo-fi pop, which as much as I love it is not pushing any musical boundaries. I just thought If I started sending these tunes out as PG tracks then they would get lost in the ether (not by BBC 6 Introudcing or Freshent I may add who correctly judge music on its artistic merits and not on its baggage) – it’s also intersting to note that this is ethmo are going on to our local BBC Introducing show on Friday (Three Counties Radio) which is great, but wonder if I would have been invited on If I’d sent these tracks as the pocket gods. (the PGs were last on the show 4 years ago despite upteem fab plays on Tom’s show).
    I guess I’m still trying to make interesting relevant music and worried that it won’t get heard because of my age – I’m 42 and probably too old to get played on Radio 1 as an unsgined band? Anybody else out there have any thoughts on these matters.

  25. Tom

    I’m all for people reinventing themselves as required, and am not surprise about what you say about the local Introducing show. You could have a lot of fun creating an entirely online identity for TIE.

    But I wouldn’t worry about age. All that counts in the end is the quality of your ideas. Think Devo or Daft Punk – they could pass you in the street and you’d have no idea who they were, but you’d know one of their tunes at fifty paces 🙂

  26. Al

    I’d second what Tom says about that age thing Mark. It really is about the music first. That said if you make music that sounds dated it probably won’t get played! Try thinking about it from the point of view of the radio station or DJ and producer choosing your music. Why would you choose certain music? Who is the listenership you are aiming at? And is the band you are playing interesting? Do they have a story? Arguably it should not be about statistics but having a healthy online following would suggest that your music in interesting and that people want to listen to it.
    If you write a killer track that is popular then it will get played. And I do mean gob smackingly good.

  27. Mark,I can only echo Tom and Al’s comments.

    I practise a process of ‘be creative first,money/coverage/airplay etc second’ and things always come your way.

    I am not saying forget the marketing side of things but the main thing is always the ideas/songs/music first (you can always involve your fan base in the song development process too if you are canny).

    You cannot change your age so don’t worry about it.

    You can change your future output though- put your time & effort into writing the songs & music you want to make.
    Once you have that killer track you’d be surprised how many people want to give coverage to what you do-irrelevant of age.
    You can then think about Al’s point and more besides.

    Radio 1 is fundamentally a youth station (certainly in the day) but it will and does play music by anyone if its brilliant and as Al says-right for a DJ/Show(particularly night time output).I know because it played Snippet and I ain’t no spring chicken(age withheld to protect the faint of heart;).A former label mate of mine gets his music played anywhere and everywhere and he’s 40-DJ Shadow.
    He also happens to make brilliant music and again-that is the key.

    Be creative with it,have fun,keep on keeping on.


  28. Mark C Lee

    Thanks Tom Al and Johnno for your comments all much appreciated and taken on board
    will keep on keeping on!

  29. Hi Tom,

    Would you possible be able to drop me an e-mail to at your earliest convenience.

    It’s regarding a private royalties matter (in your favour!!), the e-mail link on this page doesn’t allow me to send for some reason.

    Kind regards,


  30. Hi Tom and lovely Team Freshnet,
    I uploaded a new track on your dropbox, I hope it wasn’t too soon since my first inclusion with Friends In Time in the introducing mixtape in september.
    I hope you are well and you like the new track too
    Emile x

  31. Hi Tom

    I’m write a story each week on my website of the story behind the song, and have been asked to feature War Baby. Is there anywhere in print/audio I can read/hear the inspiration for the song. All I know is it’s about the divide between East and West Germany, but would like to learn the whole shebang please. Even a direct story to my email address would be appreciated.

    Look forward to hearing it.

  32. Andrew

    Thanks to Tom Robinson i found my old love listening to the radio from BBC now in digital days. Great that show of yours. Go on like this. I just discovered it as a podcast on the BBC’s web-page. Love it. Thumbs up.

  33. Hi Tom do you have any suggestion for bringing an afrocuban jazz quintet into the world music festival cicuit. I’ve been playing since I was fourteen, countless styles and I’m a graduate of the Hatford Conservatory but I can’t seem to have results knocking on doors. What do you suggest,( Quinteto Galbis)Thank you kindly for your time.

  34. Hi Tom,
    Hope that you’re well and in good spirits young man. A few months back I was on my way down to the Ardennes when I heard your excellent program about ‘Good Manners’. I digress it made really good listening and I wholly concurr with all your observations. A basic salutation can make ones day. There’s not enough of it about. Well take care and drop us a line one of these days. Whenenver I visit Ypres I recall the day we drove around there with great affection.

    God bless Martin

  35. chris

    They just played still loving you on our Belgian national radiostation Radio1.
    Makes me think of you and all the fine music you gave us.
    Hope you are well
    all my best

    a radiocolleague from Belgium


  36. Barrie Jones

    Hi Tom + team Freshnet.

    Apologies for communicating about this via the comments section, but my browser doesn’t seem to recognise the email link.

    We sent a track to the Freshnet dropbox, it was the last batch, #50.

    Of 31 in total ours was the only one not chosen for the listening post and I just wondered if there was any particular reason?

    Naturally we thought and felt it was good enough musically for inclusion.. – was there some problem with any lyrical content?

    I’m aware that perhaps this might be a cause for omission.

    Of course, if it wasn’t chosen by simply on the grounds of like or not like or like least, then fair enough, but if there was some problem content wise, it would be most helpful for us to know for future reference.

    Thanks in advance for any illumination you can provide.

    Best regards

    Barrie Jones + ‘BE’.

  37. Tom

    Hi Barrie – trouble is we actually get 100-150 tracks sent in every week, not 31. (The total number of submissions is only seen by moderatorson Soundcloud.) So you were one of about 120 artists who sent in perfectly decent tunes, but didn’t get rated among the 30 that we absolutely fell in love with that week. I’ll write a blog post explaining in more detail how the process works…

  38. Rob

    could you please explain how i access the “listening Post” for this weeks songs, cant find any link..thanks

  39. Tom

    Didn’t go live till nearly 3pm today Rob – we raised the bar a bit this week, so there was more than the usual amount of soulsearching to decide which 26 tracks to finally include. Sorry you had to wait – hopefully you should be able to spot it now 🙂

  40. Brilliant, inspired idea Tom. I first got involved with LIVE music promotion in the 70’s at my Oxford College. Re-engaged about 15 years ago after the day job kinda got in the way and took over! Volunteered at GENERATOR(NE) for a while. Now semi-retired, and retiring completely from the day job soon, I’ve become a DJ at our local community station @LionheartRadio and always feature new artists. I’d love to be able to access the FOTN Dropbox myself to include on my show #School’sOut. Might this be possible?

  41. Hi Tom, im so sorry that i have sent you Reap debut single ‘You Not Me’ twice.
    We are not releasing the track until may 26th on itunes and we didnt want it to be public on our soundcloud until then so i created a new account for this, i hope this is ok
    Kind Regards

    Kelvin Cushman

  42. Hi Tom; just wanted to connect with you & had to thank you personally for spinning my recordings from hotdisc on your station!..*I believe you’re the Tom robinson UK..(Singer/Songwiter who charted “War Baby” & written w/ the likes of Elton John,Peter Gabrial & others..Pretty amazing stuff.. (Hey,I’m just a guy up in the woods of Maine(USA trying to make a dent in the biz in a modest way & I keep seeing your name/Kingstown me pretty great reviews(hotdisc) & hopefully we’re picking up a few fans in the Yorkshire area.. Thanks again Tom..

    Have a wonderfuul day & drop me line when you get a chance & continued success with your music..May single will be”PARTY DOLL”(remake)hope you dig it!

    Ace Diamond aka (Rich Gowell)
    Allagash Country Records

  43. Hi Tom

    Just Wanted to thank you and your Fresh On The Net folks for picking “Martians Don’t Surf!” for The BBC Introducing Mixtape show!!….We really appreciate it!!

    Have a Great Time!!
    BG and The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies

  44. Darren Walker

    You might not recall but last year you very kindly donated some wonderfull signed photo’s for me to use as raffle prizes for our quiz night to raise money for Ninelands Primary School, in Garforth (Leeds). The whole event was a wonderful success and we managed to raise just under £1,000.

    This year we are hoping to do even better so I was wondering if you would be willing and able to provide a prize or two for this year’s event? All donations are greatly appreciated.

    Best regards
    Darren Walker
    Chairman, Friends of Ninelands (Ninelands Primary School PTA)
    11 Brunswick Gardens
    LS25 1HF

  45. Hey You the Freshnet Crew!

    Fresh Faves Archive has been a blank page for quite a few weeks now.

    FYI: I usually view via android mobile or Win 7 on the desktop.

    I’m sure you are aware but just thought I would drop a line in case you weren’t!

    Ape Love to the Fresh Crew Dan B-) xo

  46. Hi Freshnet team ! I keep clicking on the Listening Post link on the home page but it never takes me there ! I can’t seem to find the listening post at all now ! Am I missing something ? Or maybe going about things the wrong way ? Cheers !

  47. Joe Bone

    forget my last post, as I am forgetting that this is actually Thursday & not Friday, anyone know a good shrink ?

  48. K-RODD

    Hiya Team Freshnet,
    just feel that after all the support we’ve had from yourselves that you deserve some explanation on our inactivity.
    We’ve had life’s horrible health things to deal with (family,not us two),and we’re now out the other side,thank god.Anyway loving the new look site,and I see Debs is now on board,good choice!
    Rod and Kris

  49. joan

    Dear Tom:

    I also still love your first álbum! After all these years I still enjoy it and I also think it’s a masterpiece. I would love to have an autograph from you. Do you think it’s posible?

    Thanks in advance!! Joan.

  50. Tom

    Yep just send a Stamped Addressed Envelope (size C6 or bigger) to PO Box 3185, London SW18 3JG and we’ll send you a dozen TRB stickers and I’ll sign one of ’em for ya. See my Facebook page

  51. mike lynch

    hi tom your song father father is it available to the public by any means cos with your permission i would love to have thisto be played at my fathers funeral many thanks mike

  52. Many thanks to you & your crew, Tom… we’re thrilled to be included on your latest mixtape! Happy Summer to you & may you become “Younger Every Day”. See ya around the playground, Monty & Stede Del Zorro

  53. david alexander

    Hi tom. Just a quick note to say thank you for playing our song ‘channel swimmer’. We have had a big year supporting Wilko Johnson on tour and putting our album together which Ill send. Thought you might like to see the video for CS too.
    Thanks again for giving us the exposure we needed. Dave

  54. Hi I’m in a band called False-Heads. We are from London. Our influences include Radiohead, Elliott Smith, The Pixies, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, The Beatles and The Sex Pistols. I tried to send you guys a track but it wouldn’t let us on that link so I thought I’d try the comments. We have our brand new EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ up on
    Thank you

  55. Dear Mr. Robinson,

    Writing from the states, I believe I met you many years ago when my friend and I were hitch hiking from Berlin to West Germany prior to reunification. I believe it was 1982. At any rate, you were most kind and full of energy and good stories. I remember your friend pretended to take photos from the car and the no sense of humor East German police pulled us over. The Police song “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” was big on the airwaves and I remember watching Russian tanks in the fields as this song played, but that may have been on the way to West Berlin. Cheers.


  56. Hi Tom

    I added a track to the dropbox either last week or the week before. Nothing came of it so I assumed it wasn’t liked. So this week I added a different one. Should I have used the same one again? Having a mild panic that I’ve done the wrong thing.

    James Wheeler,
    Clutching At Straws

  57. Ca

    Hi there!

    As a fan, can I send my suggestion of a group or song I’d like to be played?
    If so, what should I do?


  58. Good morning guys, Thanks for featuring us on the listening post this week, we really appreciated the support and opportunity to try our stuff out on new ears. I’ve just popped back now it is closed and i can’t seem to find our song on the list. I was wondering if maybe i had set up the Soundcloud option incorrectly although i’m sure it was there Saturday when i looked. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks again!

  59. Whoops, and the band are called Nudybronque.

  60. Had the biggest buzz this week when a track I uploaded was chosen for this weeks batch. Was VERY impressed with other artists out there and found my musical horizons expanding a lot! – always a good thing. Amazing, the variety of cool tunes!
    Quick question, if our track is chosen for one the batch/fave 5/Tom’s mixtape, can we use the Freshnet symbol as the picture next to the song on our Soundcloud page? Obviously it would then show the song’s been liked by Freshnet and be nice for the artist concerned, or would you prefer us not to?

  61. Hi there Tom & Co!

    Just found your site – what a great depository of info for independent artists!

    We’ve put up our album sampler for your consideration, but one question that comes to mind is, would you or any of your contributors admit to any musical blind spots – metal or prog, for instance (not that we’re particularly metal or prog)? And what do you think when you hear the words ‘Classic Rock’?

    Of course it’s all about the songs, so why is there a great hoo-hah about Metallica playing Glastonbury?


    Geoff – New Earthlings

  62. Tom

    Hello Geoff and New Earthlings… we’re kind of reasonably genre-blind here, none of us have any problem with metal or prog. If anyone sends us a genuinely gobsmacking song that’s like nothing we’ve ever heard before, then we feature it regardless of genre. But yes, the words “Classic Rock” tend to set off alarm bells, because that is so often a convenient cover for lazy clichéd songwriting and arrangements. We do get sent a lot of predictable and derivative music every week and that tends not to make its way to the top of the pile.

  63. Hi Tom

    Thanks for your quick reply and thanks for clearing that up, although I think your pejorative definition of Classic Rock is undeserved. Whether we fit into that definition is another matter. Certainly the album we’ve just finished contains:

    “Down ‘n’ dirty ’70s-flavoured driving guitar riffs, strong stadium vocals and tight melodies with Zep, Purple and Lizzy influences.”

    What’s not to like? Unless you’ve just run screaming out of the room! You’ve said yourself that bands should research their own genre. Kerrang’s Unsigned show may be more our speed.

    Or you could listen to the album sampler and make your own mind up.

    Thanks and regards
    New Earthlings

  64. Tom

    Hi Geoff
    Any particular reason why you can’t just use the “Send A Track To Our Dropbox” link at the top of this page like everybody else?

  65. Hi Tom

    Subject to Status already sent to your dropbox.

    Thanks and regards


  66. Frank

    Dear Tom,

    I watched your youtube video on how to make it as an independent Artist. In it you mentioned that you can provide a source which would enable us to host a .com web domain for very cheap. I would very much appreciate if you could forward that information to me, In exchange I will ofcourse share, like, subscribe to your channel.

    Thank you in advance,


  67. Tom

    Hi Frank if you just click “show more” on the video page itself all the info is there 🙂
    But to save you the trouble, here it is again:

    *** Expanded version of this talk here: *** Posting comments asking us to “check you out” will not promote your music but the video has free advice on ways that WILL work.
    This talk is from a DIY Masterclass on 3 Dec 2012 hosted by Generator, the UK’s leading music development agency as part of Roundhouse 3030 in London.
    This is an audio recording of the opening session on “Attracting press, radio and online coverage” presented by Tom Robinson, covering the following topics:
    • How do you get your music to press, radio and blogs?
    • What goes in a press pack and what are people looking for?
    • Physical vs. digital press pack
    • Is your track right for the radio?
    • Setting realistic expectations
    • Release formats — tracks vs. singles vs. EPs & the pros and cons of physical
    • The pros and cons of hiring PR & Plugging specialists
    • Developing an online presence — websites, social networking, SEO & blogs

    Sending CDs to radio:
    Cheap .com domains:
    Cheap domains:
    Contact Tom Robinson:

  68. Just getting the hang of posting on Fresh On The Net. Like many people I may have posted my track multiple times, in error. Please understand it’s just the ONE track I am trying to submit. : ) Thank you. Faye.

  69. Kelly McKrieth

    Hi there Tom & the team,

    I was just wondering if you could fill me in on some of the BBC introducing sites as one of my songs had a few listens – ‘BBC Across the line’, ‘BBC Jen & Ally’ and ‘MIXTAPE’ but on my profile on the BBC uploader it says that some are no longer running? I didn’t know whether I’d missed something?! Many thanks
    Kelly x

  70. This one’s for Tom.

    Hey man. Thanks for voting (and adding?) our track in one of these fresh on the net track binges you have here. They’re awesome by the way. I just wanna say on behalf of me and probably the whole band that you’re a power force for good vibes, and we appreciate it.

    High five.

    The track was Short Skirts – All sliced up

  71. I see now that it was Kim who did the list. High fives to her as well.

  72. Hey Guys, I’ve just popped the new (rather flipping marvellous) Adam Cleaver tune on the Soundcloud page – I just realised that when I had done it last week the Uploader was already closed – d’oh! Just wanted to make sure you guys knew I was not spamming the tune!! Viva FOTN! James xx

  73. Leika

    howdy, any chance u can confirm u got our track ‘silly cow’ please? usually, we get a notification on bbc introducing saying someone’s listened to it but alas not this time. Ta. Leika 🙂

  74. Tom

    Hi Leika – you seem to be mixing up two different things here.

    1) when you upload a tune to the BBC Introducing Uploader you do indeed get a notification anytime a member of BBC staff listens to it.

    2) When you upload a tune to Fresh On The Net via our Soundcloud dropbox it automatically gets heard by our entire moderation team, including me. But we don’t send out notifications, and never have. Since you ask, here’s a list of every track we received this week:

    1. THE KEYZ – Selling Kisses
    2. THE LUKA STATE – Can’t Help Myself (radio Edit)
    3. LEKIDDO – Lord Of The Lobsters! – To The Beach
    4. ROBERT TAIRA WILSON – Forget Me Not
    5. THE STONE ANGELS – Spirit Of Ecstasy
    6. CHRIS SHIELDS – But The Neighbours Ain’t ( The Country Aa Single)
    7. 14TH – Cover You
    8. OCEAN RUINS – Lyonesse
    9. DQ & THE CJO – Lair (feat. Torpex5)
    10. JUNIORSAM – Floating Away [deep House]
    11. RABBITS TOMB HOTEL – The Black Two-piece Suit Man
    12. ADULTTEETH – James Wood — Can We Talk
    13. TINA V – The Last Syllable (this Wicked Tongue)
    14. WILD HOPE – Just Your Dna
    15. KALEIDOSCOPESGROUP – The Watchman
    18. RICHARDMAULE – I Can’t Feel It
    19. FORD – The Master (ft. Andrew Mott)
    21. NORTH OF THE MIND – Long Ago And Far Away
    22. MATT STOCKL – Mine Is The Ocean
    23. ROBERT KELLY – Down Here [free Download]
    24. FOLLOWER #7 – Knife
    25. ZACK BOONE – Mother
    26. EMPIRE SIGNAL – Like A Rolling Stone
    27. ETHAN SILVER – Patience, Please
    28. LOTUS BLOOM – Happily Haunted
    29. SOLKO – Split Ends
    30. ROMANO – I Don’t Know Why
    31. SCUMBAGS – I Fucking Love You
    32. LEIKA – Silly Cow (2015)
    33. FREDSTACKS – #standingtogether
    34. ‘FALLING FOR YOU’ – Jacob William
    35. STEVEN WHITCHURCH – Steven Whitchurch Hide (my ??) Away
    36. U.G – Shoot The Messenger
    38. DREW BYRD – Changeless
    39. PERTINI! – Late Bloomer *
    40. MISTERJONESMUSIC – Ten Feet Down
    41. ARMADA NAMED SOUND – Afterdrive
    42. IAN D LAWTON – “crying Time Again”
    43. FOLLOW THE LION – Down By The River
    44. FILTER DISTORTION – Labour Of Love (acoustic)
    45. ROUGH LIFE – Original Lp
    46. FUNKE AND THE TWO TONE BABY – Not Enough Bonobo
    47. VELVET & STONE – Forget About The Rain (demo)
    48. ‘THE SILENT MAJORITY’ – ‘fairweather Friends’ (free Download)
    49. LABASHEEDA – Head
    50. PRETTY FACE – Poem
    51. ROBERT MAITLAND – Surprised
    52. DEJ THE EGO – Rhetorical (prod. By Dte)
    53. BENJI LEWIS – Reach You Where You Are
    54. TOM LUMLEY MUSIC – Fire
    55. MIDCITY – Needles
    56. THE BALTIC STATES – Release
    57. DELTA PALMS – Don’t Wanna
    58. TOKEN JOKER – Green (radio Edit)
    59. ALL THE PEOPLE – The Hills
    60. BK AND DAD – Kingdom Of Fear
    61. BROCKEN SPECTRE – April Fool
    62. RAVING WILD – Raving Wild
    63. SCARLETT PARADE – Hold On
    65. DIE ANTWOORD – Dis Is Why Im Hot ‘nave Remix’ *free Download*
    66. THE D?X – Calling You Out
    67. FOURMILECIRCUS – Ghosts
    68. ARABY – Alive
    69. POOR THINGS – No Way José
    70. THE GROUND WILL SHAKE – The State
    71. CHAGALL – Tmtl
    72. NINA BAKER – Falling
    73. THEAWFULTRUTH – Fell In Love With Love
    74. EZRA SOUND – Fly Eye
    75. K.O.G & THE ZONGO BRIGADE – Baajo
    76. THE STRAY – Byron’s Boot
    77. KEVINCRITCHLEY – Whisper Your Name
    78. ARTHUR GUN – Straw Gods
    79. GRICE – Simg Noxfade 16441
    80. ANDREW – Howie – Dead Ringer
    81. MURPHYS LORE – Out On The Ocean / Beating Heart
    82. C A R A L I S – C A R A L I S – Be Automatic
    83. UNDER THE MOONLIGHT – Cooper Blood Band
    84. KALASH – Defeat Me
    85. ALISTAIR OGILVY – Rest And Be Thankful
    86. RED RIVER DIALECT – Fallen Tree
    87. INDIA MILL – In Motion
    88. IZZY’S DAUGHTER – Madeline
    89. MATTY MCCABE& BEN ANDERSON – Hooligans
    90. NSTELLA – Queenstown Lane
    91. BEL ESPRIT UK – Island
    92. REICHENBACH FALLS – English Rose
    93. SALWA – 04 Floating In Milk By Salwa Azar
    94. FLASH BANG BAND – Flash Bang Band – Spooky Action At A Distance
    95. BOBBYMUNROMUSIC – Attitude By Bobby Munro
    96. THE SHARKS – O
    97. IRAN IRAN – You Make Me Feel Ted Danson
    98. THELAFONTAINES – Junior Dragon
    99. PAULWILKESMUSIC – Take The Sunlight
    100. MVRIE CELESTE – Heavy Sea
    101. CHASIN VEGAS – Feel It
    102. SOPHIE L. – Sophie L. You
    103. SPIRAL NUCLEUS – Omni
    104. J H – Seems Like(she Wants Him, She Needs Him)
    105. LOX – A.M
    106. DEUX FURIEUSES – Are We Sexy Enough?
    107. SAVANNAH – Back Street Robber
    108. EYES LIKE THE SKY – February
    109. MOTORCYCLE DISPLAY TEAM – All The Way To Rockaway
    110. ICE CUTTERS – Zx81
    111. THE BELIEF SYSTEM – Cloud Trippin
    112. PERISCOPE VIEW – Stannah Road
    113. CRYSTALS – Shadows
    114. THE GRAVELTONES – Never Gonna Let You Go
    115. KATE DOUBLEDAY – Orchard
    116. KIERAN – Alexis – Coconut Pony Acid
    117. DARREN EVE (UK)(CZ) – Ultra
    118. ISAAC ADNI – Relive The Night (feat. Finn Kverndal)
    119. CAMERON DOUGLAS MUSIC – Lisbon Love
    120. ILLUMININE – Armor
    121. DROVA BAND – Briggs
    122. R3DD – Intro
    123. CAVALRY – An Understanding
    124. JARELL – Where Has It Gone
    125. RALPH COLA – Here For
    126. CASTORP – Drifting
    127. SHANTY BAND – One More
    128. HEROICS – Flutters
    129. CHRIS WATKINS~DRUNK POETS – Lincoln Theater
    130. THOMAS MCCONNELL – Please Don’t Slow Me Down
    131. ANNA PANCALDI – Promise We’ll Never Grow Old
    132. DANSTANLEY – Manifesto
    133. (LARK) – Curtains
    134. GERALD TENDERFLY – Trapped (updated)
    135. THE MARKS CARTEL – Take Me Home
    136. WHICHKIDS – Much Better
    137. DAN STABLES – Padded Cell
    138. FLOWERMOUTH – Re Entry (feat. Diane Havens)
    139. BULBS OF HELD – Anova Exam
    140. ASTRO CHILDREN – Play It As It Lays
    141. A BILLION LIONS – Doomsday Babies
    142. COQUIN MIGALE – S O C O T R A
    143. FEBRIA – The Sea Around Us
    144. SPEARS – Little White Lights
    145. HELDINKY – The Song With No Name
    146. FOGGY CITY ORPHAN – Rocket
    147. SUNSTACK JONES – Good This Time
    148. WILLIAM ORAM – Everything
    149. NEW ARCADES – Life Moves Pretty Fast
    150. ROBOCOBRA QUARTET – Flickering Blinds
    152. THE BOUNCING HEARTS – Tuesday’s Fool
    153. RONNIE PARRY – Cats On Fire
    154. TRG BANKS – Keith In 1987
    155. ERRANT BOY – Imaginary Song
    156. DREW MILLER ? – Imperfections In F
    157. ORGANISED SCUM – Miswanting
    158. JUNTO CLUB – Leaving Forever (optimo Music)
    159. PAUL HEGLEY BAND – Feel So Fine
    160. MR EKOW – Chapter 4: Star Nav (ft. Ebonie G)
    161. DOMESDAY OUTFIT – Scum Floats
    162. VIOLETIC – Ligature
    163. ISABELLA BRAIN – Who Are We
    164. JOHNNYSANDS – Arno Arno
    165. CHESHIRE AND THE CAT – Countdown
    166. SK & JEWELZ – Out Of Luck
    167. PALE FIRE – Isaac
    168. OWENDUFF – The Great Empty Unknown
    169. KOYO – What Is Mine
    170. MJR – Let The Bass Be Louder
    171. LISA REDFORD – Here Alone
    172. BARONBANE – Fire Play
    173. HYPNOTIC EYE – Give It All To Me (single Mix)
    174. THE BLACK LEADERS – 1000 Giant Waves
    175. ANDREW L ROSE – Me And The Moon
    176. ABSINTH3 – Hesitate (feat. David Gray)
    177. LATE NIGHT FICTION – Flesh
    178. NYA – Mazoulew

  75. Leika

    Hi Tom

    Thanks for getting back to us…am feeling silly but enlightened. Thanks also for listing the tracks. You’re a true gent as always 🙂

  76. Hi Tom & Fresh On The Net Moderation Team 🙂

    Thanks for the mention at Number 3. LEKIDDO – Lord of The Lobsters! – To The Beach, in Fresh On The Net received tracks last week. it’s also on the BBC Introducing Uploader.
    Wishing you a Lobsterlicous Summer and thanks for Spreading the Lobster Love
    See you at Glasto

    Pinchy Pinchy kiss kiss
    LEKIDDO – Lord of The Lobsters!
    Action Stripe Records

  77. Hey Tom
    Afternoon. Congratulations on continuing good work on the rock’n’roll frontline.
    Just seen latest Listening Post..and no sign of The Z.
    Could you confirm you received our track ‘New Radio’ as impossible to know otherwise
    Simon Future
    Z Manager

  78. andrew

    Dear Mastermind Tom of alternative music on bbc radio 6, how to download the podcast, if your technician changed the website that way that I just can listen the last episode, since the 10th of august there ain’t no chance to get it. Could you tell these nerds to get it straight for downloading it abroad. I appreciate this show for quite some time, but I would like to go on downloading it to cut some tunes out, as I used to do so for some years now. Your mixtapes are brilliant, really, these tunes bring fun back to listen to something good and new. Thanks in advance, andrew

  79. Edsel Correya

    Hi Tom,

    I am from India and I must say that I was very much inspired by your video titled “Independent Artists: How To Promote Your Music” which I stumbled upon on Youtube lately. It has given me the kickstart that was much needed as I have been for the past few months working on a couple of projects myself and am preparing myself to streamline the marketing/production etc. Having said that, I must confess that the music scene is quite different here in India and not that great when it comes to songs especially written in the English language and I have seen music bands fail miserably in reaching/connecting to the audience here even though the songs are pretty good. This could be attributed to the over-dominance of music produced in local languages and also to the tidal wave of music arising from the commercial movie industry. Was wondering if there is anything that needs to be done from the marketing perspective that would help an artist ( especially from a diverse nation like India) get noticed/recognized in the international scene.

    Kind Regards,

  80. Sorry Tom

    we have been trying to upload songs to your freshnet and it says waiting for listening but straight after this it reads we are blocked so i dont now if i am sending millions of requests or u are not getting them


  81. J.R

    Hey, I think I may have been blocked – I was submitting a track on your Soundcloud dropbox via Mobile, and I think my dodgy phone may have submitted the track multiple times even though I only meant to do this once – is there anything I can do? Sorry about this!

  82. Hi, i’m a music blogger and am very interested in creating playlists and hearing & reviewing new music. I wanted to know if there were any openings to get some experience working with the team at fresh on the net as I really think what you do for independent artists is amazing!

  83. Dear Sir,
    Please check out my songs on soundcloud above link.
    Thanks and kind regards
    Alfred Earl

  84. Hi Tom, I’m a huge fan i have a question.

    I have this song I wrote called Hydroplane me & my band DOPESICKFLY recorded last year we toured 165 days in 2016 around The Uk got hundreds of people to sing it word for word. Is it a hit?
    Hydroplane Music Video

  85. Tom

    Hi Ant – all 14 of us listened to it when you sent it to us in October last year, but it didn’t really grab any of us in a big way. If you’ve got anything else, ping it across on Monday and we’ll all take a listen as usual…

  86. Hi Tom,
    I’d just like to thank you for your very informative You Tube video ‘How To Promote Your Music’, albeit that it’s now a few years old it still gave great insight and in fact has encouraged me not to give up but to continue getting or trying to get our great music out there, thank you again, Paul:)!

  87. I can’t believe I’ve only come across this website now, need to start looking for my tunes then. The ‘Tips’ page definitelly helped me to auto-motivate myself. Hang in there, people, we’re all going to be stars one day!

  88. Hi Tom,

    I’ve watched your video on how to promote my own music, I really enjoyed it and it gave great insight. Anyway, I was hoping that you could listen to this song me and my band did. Before you play it, know that it’s in spanish (we are an Argentinean band), so just a heads up.


  89. Hi Tom and team,

    I was just wondering – if we submit to Fresh On The Net via Soundcloud – and you want to include in Faves – how do we supply you with images etc? – how do you contact us?

    We’ve just submitted Help Yourself via Soundcloud and BBC Introducing and we’re delighted that BBC Introducing The South like it and will be featuring!

    Keep up the good work supporting new emerging artists. I listen to you on a Saturday after Craig on 6 Music pretty much every week when I’m in.

    Liza (honorary band member)

  90. Irina

    Dear FreshOnTheNet team,

    Thank you for your wonderful work! Very easy to use service full of high quality music. Did not make it to the top this time but honored and delighted to be Tom’s personal favorite 🙂 Thank you again and all the best!


  91. Dear Tom,
    I attended your brilliant talk at Amplify on Sunday – thank you, you were truly inspirational!
    You kindly mentioned that you could post links/ websites that you listed in your talk via your Freshonthenet blog and that would be really appreciated!
    Kind Regards,

  92. Hi Tom.

    I don’t know why I thought to ask this now but I have been meaning to do so for ages. Given the similarity of our activist backgrounds, I’m interested to know whether and, if so, in what way your socio-political outlook has evolved and changed over the forty years since ‘Rising Free’ and ‘Power in the Darkness’ and how much the way the world itself has changed and reorganised itself (politically, culturally & religion-wise) has affected your views. Sorry if that’s asking a lot in one question!

  93. Kevin Bray

    Hi wish to submit a New track, this years 2018 chart topper Christmas Song
    title: Christmas Postman

    When I click on upload it only shows tracks already sent via BBC up loader.
    will not let me pull up my track from soundcloud to your site.

    Could you please advise cheers.
    Kevin Bray
    West Midlands

  94. Kevin Bray

    Me again trying to upload this Christmas Song, but your site only shows the tracks submitted via BBC up loader.

    My Song (Christmas Postman) is loaded on my soundcloud site as

    Kevin Bray
    West Midlands

  95. Bernice


    I hope you are well. I’m a content writer.

    I have recently been introduced to by my friend and appreciate the articles you have shared to your visitors. I would really love to contribute an article as a guest author.

    If you’re interested, I can send over my article. I make sure that all of my work is completely unique, well-researched and high quality (no fluff pieces)!

    I don’t need any money. All I need is one or two Dofollow link back to my site.

    Let me know your thoughts

    kind regards,

  96. Hi Tom…ok, so, after sending you four very divergent styles of my music, you and yours are not keen…no problem, it’s not quite your thing. Just wondering if you know of any other show’s that might be work my while approaching? Regards andy the oohz

  97. Thank you so much FOTN family for picking my song! Slight error on the spelling though. Its Sheba Sisulu not Sheba Sisula. Please correct asap and have a super awesome weekend all, i know i will xox

    Apologies, corrected! — Team Freshnet

  98. Hi Tom,

    just wanted to check that you received our track submission (FINAL SHOUT) through the dropbox yesterday. Just not sure it work…

    Much love


  99. Hi Tom,

    Love the mixtape and listening post. I also read through your advice to people on the blog and in this comments section, it’s all really handy. I read through your personal preference for the length a track should be for radio. I also remember you telling my band you would have played one of our tracks if we could shave a minute off of it which I now consider when writing a song. But I have a question.

    If you get asked to play a BBC Intro stage, should you try to make sure your tracks are of that same radio friendly length? Because it is essentially a radio promotion opportunity right?

    I apologise if this issue has been addressed elsewhere and I’ve missed it!

    Thanks Tom, keep up the good work!

  100. Thanks for considering our single IDK – it’s great to get direct feedback and comments – many thanks to all the reviewers for taking the time to listen – we seriously do value your feedback – nice to have been considered for The Mixtape – ah well, back to our mission of converting the world one ear at a time…..after all tomorrow is another day!

  101. Hi Tom,

    We have 120 songs on the said site.
    However, one stand out song in particular we think you
    Will like is called ‘If We Could Fly’.
    The song was composed by Derek and Myself in our
    Home studio.
    It was performed by Rosemary Scott.

  102. Hi Tom,
    Chris Rage here – bass player/ singer in The Leo Star Electric Band and part time wrestler.
    I uploaded my bands latest single; ‘soft & gentke’ – it’s an ode to Bruce Lee. I hope you play it.
    Many thanks
    C Rage

  103. Hi Tom

    Hope you are well i have been trying to upload my track via the site for the last hour and every time i click submit track even though it says its open it keeps bringing me back to the same page is there any other way i can get this track over to you guys i would love to get your feedback and i think it would have your head bopping!

    p.s otherwise i will need a new mac as its going out the window! lol

  104. Good day,

    I would like to e-mail music to you for airplay, please advise

  105. Stephen Henbie

    Hey Stephen here,

    I respect that You are busy and wont waste your time.

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    PS. Remember to read the back page for free access to much more.

  106. YO freshonthenet team <3
    last week I tried to submit a track and for some reason can't connect my soundcloud.
    Trying again now and it still doesn't work. tried in 2 different browsers.
    Please can you help? I've done it lots of times before.
    this is my soundcloud:
    x Love from Bel

  107. How are you Tom. I tried a different email address a few months ago .. just for a wee private thank you.
    In an unrelated topic, I’ve been trying to promote this record by Kyron Bourke, produced by the late Mud Wallace. There is a beautiful back story to the record which I have included in the links on the attached EPK.

  108. Charlie Soul

    Hi Tom,

    My name is Charlotte Soulsby and i am a 14 year old female singer-songwriter from County Durham.
    I have been writing songs and singing for just over 12 months now and i am releasing my first single on the 15th of March 2019 called ‘Obsessed’. I am looking for feedback and hopefully a review on my new song whether positive or negative to help me improve.
    I am currently in the process of finishing my second single which will be ready for release at the end of April/beginning of May 2019.

    Please have a listen to my new song via the private link below and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me.

    Kind regards

    Charlotte Soulsby

    (Charlie Soul)

  109. Hi Tom and technical team,

    I hope you can help with this. I uploaded a track (She Burns) on wednesday through my Soundcloud account and although it showed that it was uploaded, it doesn’t seem to be included in this week’s soundcloud list. I haven’t had any of my music listed in the mixtape for more that 3 months. Can you help please?

    many thanks and kind regards,


  110. Will Riding

    Thanks for the inclusion on Listening Post 318. I’ve also spent a few happy hours going through it and picked five. I think I might have posted twice, my relic of a computer’s playing up, apologies if that’s the case, there’s nothing showing yet.
    kind regards
    Will Riding.

  111. Hey everyone my name is T-LOKS I am from the USA I put a new song out I would appreciate the opportunity for you to listen here is the link thanks

  112. ***********************Extinction Rebellion 15th April onwards! its official******************
    ****************************Freshonthenet Care! about our planet!!**************************

    PEACE-FULL demonstrations from 15th April onwards Around the uk

    *******************Coda Love on at 630PM @ Marble Arch TUES 16th*******************

    ********************ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE TO ATTEND IS EVENT***********************


  113. Rob

    Hi, just FYI, this week’s mixtape April 28, 2019 has no music, just Tom talking about the songs that were supposed to be played. Only 11 minutes long.
    Great show by the way.

  114. Hi Fresh on the Net Team,

    I submitted my song The Cold Susquehanna a couple of weeks ago, but it never appeared on your complete lists of submitted songs . . . . . and now I can’t resubmit it as it says it’s already been submitted . . . . . can you help? I have submitted a different song now, but wondered where that one went to . . . .
    Bill (Belinda) Jones

  115. Winifred Hudgens

    Do you want to submit your business on thousands of advertising sites monthly? One tiny investment every month will get you virtually unlimited traffic to your site forever!To find out more send an email to:

  116. Flor Braier

    Hi! Here’s the info for my fourth album. You can find the link to listen to it right there and also the music video if you like to have a look!
    Cheers from Barcelona!

  117. Sam Baker

    Dear Tom,

    I hope you are well. I have recently submitted a track. The track has already been featured on BBC introducing in Essex so I was wondering whether it would still be considered for airplay on any of your shows?

    Kind regards,

  118. MrBuggles

    Bitter whinge-meister alert! Why is it the same FOTN listeners (admittedly very dedicated people who offer their time) who never give an iota of comment on my efforts, are always the same ones assigned to check them … or the limited minority who want to, perhaps? There are over 30 FOTN reviewers, but it’s the same handful every time! Why? Are they reconfirming a built-up prejudice, or proverbial vegans eating pop-burgers in secret?
    Yes, maybe my stuff is shite, and nobody’s obliged to like anything, but it is weird weird weird.

  119. Tom

    Eh? We get sent 200 tracks a week, listen to every one of them and pick our favourite 25. Every week 175 artists don’t get chosen. What’s your point?

  120. Phil Edwards

    Clicking on the Submit Track link, which is currently shown to be open, but I just keep getting returned to the main page. Where am I going wrong?

  121. Phil Edwards

    Re my message above. I’ve figured it out…was just being extremely thick! My bad.

  122. Ryan Spendlove

    Hi Tom, Ryan from Pleasurefields here.
    Firstly I want to apologise. Nic (other half of Pleasurefields) messaged the link to Fresh on the net. I saw it, got excited, and commented and voted for Pleasurefields as well as another 4 tracks.. WITHOUT reading the rules first. Today I noticed our track has been removed and I’m assuming that me voting for us is why? I’m truly Soo sorry for this. If I had read the rules first I would never of risked our chances of having you to play us on air again. We’ve worked so hard on all our newest tracks and I am really gutted I have potentially ruined an opportunity. Especially since there were a lot of votes and comments for us already added (from strangers) We love your show so please consider forgiving my stupidity. It will never happen again.
    Red faced,

  123. Thank you so much for popping ‘Disaster’ on to your Fresh Faves this week.
    I uploaded another track this morning, not knowing that I was going to make it on to this list today – sorry. Please ignore! Thanks. Katie.

  124. WilliamFoums

    Hi Guys
    Can we just check to have received our submission this morning?
    Not sure it worked…
    Much love

  126. Hi there I am trying to upload the latest Attawalpa single to fresh on the net but when I sign into my Soundcloud I dont get my music coming up on the uploader I get a bunch of other peoples tracks. Maybe theres a problem with the your website? Thanks and please let me know

  127. Sean

    I’m having the same problem as the last message. Getting a list of about 50 random songs that aren’t linked to my soundcloud at all. Tried changing my password at soundcloud in case it was a security thing. Any info would be great, thanks.

  128. Joy Tesha

    Dear Sir Tom,
    Warmest New Week Greetings Mr Tom Robinson, thanks so so much for the opportunity given to UK artist like me on FRESH ON THE NET. I submitted my song “Why Does It Have To Be Like This” by Joy Tesha this morning at 9am, please have you and your team able to listen to it yet? Please pardon me for asking, I am really curious to know, hence this follow up. Expecting your reply. Thanks, Joy Tesha

  129. Hey! All my new songs have at least one f**k per song in them… just wondering if I should be using clean versions for fresh faves? (I have for BBC introducing).
    love xx
    No worries Bellatrix – Team Freshnet don’t give a f**k about swearing in tracks 🙂

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