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Normally I would use this space to tell you about a gig that I’d recommend for the weekend in my city of Manchester, but with this month being a bit shy on shows I thought I’d give you a video to watch of a band I managed to miss a few weeks back. Gutted.

First of all I must just say that the track is not what I would consider my usual taste, a bit on the twee side and the word ‘love’ is used a lot, uuurgh. Anyway, all that aside, Here We Go Magic’s latest single ‘How Do I Know’ is a cracker and I’ve given it many a play of late.

And here’s a bit of blurb on the ace video…

Directed by Sean Pecknold (Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Grizzly Bear) the video stars Janet Pants as a happy-go-lucky dancing robot who is being returned to the factory by her owner. Pecknold explains, “It takes place in the not-so-distant future where you will be able to custom order human like robots for your pleasure, and although some people will probably still be partial to the human flesh, I think some conflicts of emotion will arise. Humans, love, sex, technology, dancing, the future!”

Pecknold was introduced to the band by his brother Robin via traditional method – a road trip. “I was driving from Joshua Tree to Palm Springs on the highway, and my brother who was privy to the new Here We Go Magic record, said ‘You have to hear this song.’ So he put it on and we listened to it a couple times all 5 of us smiling with the wind in our hair. Then literally as we pulled into the parking lot in Palm Springs I got a message from the band about maybe doing a video for that very song.”

He says of his vision for the track, “I wanted to return to the strangeness and warmth of the Palm Springs area to shoot a little story about a man torn between two choices in his life. When listening to the jam I kept seeing a human-like robot dancing on the side of the highway, so I incorporated that into a light-hearted, literal take on the question posed in the song.”

Simon Poole

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