Team Freshnet’s live pick for this weekend in Manchester

Any regular listener to Tom’s BBC Radio 6 Music shows over the years will undoubtedly have heard of the artist playing my choice Manchester gig for this weekend. If you haven’t, you really should listen more often – because Thomas Truax is the kind of special, one-off artist who gets picked up on by any radio presenter who knows his onions.

Thomas Truax is truly fantastic, not only is his music impossible to put in any genre, but his home made mechanical instruments constructed from bicycle wheels, cutlery, old gramophone horns and even tumble dryer hoses are visions of wonderment and intrigue. He’s a one man band that has built his band members from items that could have been found in Steptoe and Son’s yard.

He’s also a man that never sits still. Follow him on Twitter and you’ll see that he is constantly touring all over the place and when he’s not playing or travelling his time seems to be spent fixing and repairing his motorised backing band. He has become one of my favourite artists in the past few years and as well as never missing his Manchester stop offs I always try to take along someone who’s never seen or heard him before.

Thomas Truax will be playing Manchester’s Castle Hotel this Friday 28th. Tickets are fiver at the bar. Be there and be amazed.

Simon Poole

Well this is probably the worst way to start off a biog of about myself, but the first thing I should admit to is that I’ve got some terrible taste in music. But panic not, I love music and my varied taste ranges from the bad to really great new music out there, and it is the latter I want to share with you at Fresh On The Net. Find out more...

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