Fresh Faves: Batch 61

This week’s Fresh Faves were chosen by genuine readers of our Listening Post over the weekend and are reviewed here by Team Freshnet member Simon Poole from Silent Radio:

They say laughter is the best medicine, and it’s a good point, but in my books, music is even better. Being from Salford and being a Manchester United fan it’s been quite a sad week, but thankfully I’ve had a very welcome distraction today in writing up another bunch of great tracks that have been picked by the Fresh On The Net readers. Once again you’ve done us proud, so without further ado, here they are…

ALL WE ARE – Utmost Good

This is the perfect track to ease us into this weeks Fresh Faves. Liverpool trio All We Are describe themselves as ‘The Bee Gees on Diazepam’, and to be fair it’s a damn fine description. The Gibb Bros. disco beats have been replaced here by something much more serene and it works a treat. The single Utmost Ghost is due for release at the end of May and if this doesn’t get picked up and played by a few of the better radio stations up and down the country it would be a surprise.

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AZEKEL – No Ordinary Love

What can I tell you about Azekel? Well not much I’m afraid. His Facebook says he’s an Artist/Producer/Musician/Philosopher from East London and that his name is pronounced a-ze-ke-l (or maybe that should be il-lu-siv). What I can tell you though is that this track goes to show that regular Fresh Fave voters know good music when they hear it. This style of music is not submitted as much as the indie and singer/songwriter stuff, but this track stands out enough to get the attention. It’s a really well crafted nod to Sade’s track of the same name and deserves its place on this week’s Faves.

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One from across the pond here. Ballerina Black hail from the sunny climes of Los Angeles, although I’m guessing from their dark ‘gloom-pop’ that they prefer the time after the sun has gone down. They’ve been together since way back in 2007 and have had some big support slots in the US. Their music is dark, but not too dark to be scary and it should be quite easy to get a decent following over here in Old Blighty.

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Another one here that’s not of the usual Fresh Faves ilk, but nonetheless here on its merits as a great bit of music. It may only be under two and half minutes long, but it’s immersive. There’s no info out there on Eduardo apart from he’s from Latvia and there’s one more track he’s posted, but maybe the track’s cover image and the piano are enough to keep you strictly concentrated on the music.

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JUPITER-C – Decrier

Decrier may seem like it goes on a bit, but this is clearly by design and isn’t intended for the three minute pop song lover, so to be any shorter would do the track an injustice. Jupiter-C are now based in London, but both members are originally from opposite ends of the East Lancs road that connects Manchester and Liverpool. They only formed at the tail end of last year, but already have a decent portfolio of tracks online.

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LOST IN THE FOG – Fallen in

Blimey, not only have we been blessed with music from the US of A this week, we are now treated to a great track from Japan. Lost In The Fog are a five piece from Tokyo, and just like the above have only been together since 2012 and have also been keeping busy on the writing front. If you’re enjoying Fallen In then you’ll be a happy bunny if you hit the Soundcloud link below.

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MAYFLYS – Playground

Is your foot tapping yet? I bet it is, and I bet it will be throughout. Mayflys are a foursome from London, which have French born Aurelie Konter on lead vocals. Her addictive voice over the ever so catchy back beat of Playground make this a track I doubt you will tire of listening to. From the off you know this would be a great act to catch live.

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SEFTEL – An Accident

It would appear that not only has Seftel been picked up on by us all over at FOTN, but also BBC 6 Music’s Jarvis Cocker was rather taken too, as he played another of Seftel’s tracks yesterday. An Accident has a laid back craziness to it and in my head I could straight away hear  a certain Tom Waits doing a cover of it. The track is taken from the debut album due out at the end of this month and is described excellently by Larry Seftel as ‘ inexact measures of jealousy, lousy nights, bad dreams, self-loathing, boring lunches and half read books.’

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SHY NATURE – Deadly Sin

If indie rock is your thing, then you aint gonna go far wrong with North London’s Shy Nature. Deadly Sun would appear to be their first single and has a plentiful amount of remixes on Soundcloud. They say their songs are about growing up in your twenties, but I’m pretty sure their debut EP due out soon will have a wider appeal. If they can get on the festival circuit this summer they’ll be onto a winner.

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The Semper Teens are a British trio that wear their influences on their sleeves. Their biog only says ‘Influences, DIY’. It’s short and sweet, just like this track.

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Last but not least, New York’s Wilsen are tagged with being ‘dream folk’. Dusk is one of those tracks that somehow seems to be big and small at the same time. The lyrics say “it just keeps rolling” and as a song that’s exactly what it does. It’s a song that certainly brings in a lovely sunset on this week’s Fresh Faves.

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Posted by Simon Poole
This week’s Fresh Faves reviewed
by Simon Poole from Silent Radio

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…

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