Fresh Faves: Batch 63

Our readers’ Fresh Faves are reviewed this week by Team Freshnet’s Massimo Zeppetelli
Woah, where did this sun come from!? Thank you to everyone who spent cold evenings and wet days listening to all of the amazing tracks that were sent through this week. Here are the 11 most voted for, ranging from math-rock to sparse rock:


Hailing from Belfast and currently living in Glasgow, this songstress delivers one beautifully lush song, similar to previous Fresh on the Net talent Mishkin Fitzgerald from Birdeatsbaby. This really should be a James Bond theme and nothing less.

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DEMENTIO13 – Pen Y Fan

A perfectly atmospheric piano introduction with nice, gradual entry of electronic layers. I can imagine this being in a film, with short flickers of a person’s life from a baby up to the present day, in sepia. I also love it when artists blog. Maybe I’m nosy, or that it offers an insight into an otherwise enigmatic artist who creates things that I like. But Cardiff-based Dementio13‘s blog is wonderfully diverse, thought-provoking and written in such a way that comes across as humble, relaxed and pensive. I’d like to see a blog collaboration with another Fresh Fave Atlum Schema who also writes a brilliant blog on all things life.

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KEV LA KAT – Shake The Devil

Kev La Kat is a talented man. He runs Love Our Records which has been Huw Stephens’ ‘Label of Love’ on Radio 1, had endorsements from Diplo, Zane Lowe, Kick Kick Snare, and more, and also makes epic, filthy riffage such as Shake the Devil. Check out his wonderful roster of music his label has released over at Love Our Records.

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I remember when Lois & The Love just began and how after a while of getting it all going, they/Lois have become a full-blown powerhouse of rock, vocals and style. Haunting, catchy and ultimately brilliant. War is a quality song, with me personally loving the ‘woos’ in the post chorus. LATL will headline Club NME at Koko in London on 2nd August.

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MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI – Human Resources

Wow, London 3-piece Mayors of Miyazaki. So nice to hear epic drop-tuning riffs, math-rocky structure and essentially, pure beef, energy and drums. Let me join your band. They’re playing at Bird’s Nest in Deptford on 15th June to raise money for Malcfest, an amazing festival in Malcolm’s house in which I had the privilege of playing many a year ago with my first ever band. Also, they have song titles such as ‘Force feeding Morrissey a bacon sandwich‘. Say no more.

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RHUBARB – The Thinner the Ice

Bringing back down the volume is Rhubarb (Richard Haswell) from Edinburgh. An understated gem  of self-expression and sonic talent. Profound.

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RYAN MCNULTY- Pull The Car Around

Hailing from Wadebridge in Cornwall is singer songwriter Ryan McNulty who has recorded his 5-track EP in his bedroom. You can listen to the EP and buy it for whatever price you like.

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Previously played on Tom Robinson’s mixtape and reviewed by our very own Andy Von Pip is the dreamy, 90’s indie makers Skinny Dream who hit the spot with many of you voters. They were recently played on Amazing Radio with Gary Crowley and are releasing their debut album next month.

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THE FALLOWS – Run Like A Dog

From their upcoming album ‘Liars & Kings’ is Coventry’s The Fallows who have been occupying a significant amount of airwaves with plays on various BBC stations and Amazing Radio. Wonderful sound, for those who like Mumford & Sons and some Martyn Joseph.

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THE LUCK – Muscles And Bones

London’s The Luck struck a chord me with their powerful, yet warm sound and voices. Check out their gig listings here which include their residency at Blake’s.

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And to end our Fresh Faves for this week is another Glaswegian band, The New Fabian Society which was released last month. A melody harking to the vocal line of a certain track by The Charlatans, this is a much more dark and deep version with more toms.

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Massimo Zeppetelli
Fresh Faves reviewed by
Team Freshnet’s Massimo Zeppetelli

FROM TOM: If you’ve submitted a track that hasn’t made the Fresh Faves you’re welcome to re-submit it again. But if you have been a Fresh Fave in recent weeks could you possibly hold back for at least six weeks before sending us another one. If you keep sending us great tracks every week it leaves less room for new names who haven’t had a chance yet…


Massimo is a musician, producer, photographer, writer, footballer, cyclist and someone who loves computers and all things technological ever since he owned an Amiga. So basically a geek. He works at the quirky Bally Rehearsal Studios in Tottenham, North London where many of the bands mentioned on Fresh on the Net come to rehearse. Massimo lives in a hospital. You can find him on Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, and at

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