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A Collective Sigh Of Relief by Gold Flake Paint

Tom Johnson from GoldFlakePaintGuest post by Tom Johnson, editor of GoldFlakePaint

Music blogging is wonderful fun. A lot of work, sure, but with a healthy return. GoldFlakePaint has been going for just over three years in total and it’s got to the point now where I get called a ‘tastemaker’ and other funny things like that. The blog has always focused on new music, but not primarily. We try and find the artists who hide in the dark corners of the internet rather than simply covering the Hype Machine Top 20 – and this is where the real satisfaction lies. The joy of discovering a track or band that is so good it genuinely makes your day is what keeps us doing what we do. Seeing the response from our readers and from the band themselves, and feeling like a tiny, but necessary and fully appreciated, cog in this huge, wonderful wheel of “the music industry” is something I hope I’ll never tire of.

Every now and again we like to collate some of our favourite discoveries into compilations. We give them pretty artwork, an alluring title, and make them free-to-download in the hope that people will overlook the fact that they might not have heard of any of the bands on it, and feel the joy of discovery which we strive for every day. Our fourth compilation was released on Monday and it’s called ‘A Collective Sigh Of Relief‘. You can download it for free or make a pay-what-you-want donation to the wonderful Trekstock charity supporting young people with cancer. Take a listen below – we guarantee that there will be at least one song on it that brightens your day.

1. Old Amica – Dunes – 05:31
2. Parks, Squares and Alleys – Youth – 02:56
3. Frog – Arkansas – 03:41
4. orange gold red – Ink – 04:16
5. Stefan Noons – Signals – 03:28
6. Coma Cinema – Partners In Crime – 02:52
7. Split Screens – Born – 04:03
8. Gleemer – Killing Machine – 04:57
9. Winter – The View – 04:23
10. Mentalease – Des Moines – 04:10
11. Filbert – Sliced Bread – 03:51
12. Cult Fluorescent – KOTR – 04:12
13. Yoofs – Something – 03:20
14. The Lieblings – It’s All Gonna Fall – 02:19
15. Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out – 03:09
16. brotherun – The Dissonance Between Us – 03:46
17. Still Parade – Actors – 04:01
18. Form & Shape – No Verses Of Hatred – 03:33
19. Ancient Babes – Malcolm X In The Middle – 01:55
20. Hibou – Valium – 03:39

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