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Let’s Get Engaged (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Book)

Facebook Pages. For a musician, they are an increasingly frustrating proposition. Their functionality, features and business model are still developing while over 42 million users can only observe and react to the changes taking place. <onth after month, it seems, your Facebook page’s non-paid reach is less and less. Facebook has simply become another advertising avenue aimed at acts and businesses with deep pockets.

It’s easy to become despondent. Complain about this on Facebook and some bright spark on your timeline will quickly point out you’re moaning about the free resource you’re currently using. Yes, the platform is free. But when fans that have taken the trouble to ‘like’ you on Facebook, it seems only fair that they should receive your updates rather than have the site’s content generator getting between you…. [more]

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Barney is the community manager and guidance blogger at emerging artist website Songeist.com. He draws on his extensive gigging and DIY music business experience with rock / reggae / dance mash-up Sonic Boom Six who have released 4 studio albums, performed headline tours of Europe, America and Japan and have written and performed songs that have appeared on BBC Radio 1, Channel 4, BBC 2 (TV), Rock Band and Sims 3 video games. Barney takes his coffee strong, black and often and would one day like to visit Australia.

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