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Taking influence from bands such as the Foo Fighters and Lower Than Atlantis, Lofthouse are an alternative rock band based In London. With all four members meeting at university, the band is made up of people reaching from Scotland all the way to London. Described by Live Circuit UK as “gut-wrenchingly honest”, their music comes straight from the soul and has also been played on BBC Introducing on Radio Tees several times. However, don’t expect to see Lofthouse play and not feel something as they’re a tearjerker!  

Fly, the debut single from London-based quartet Lofthouse is a song that immediately catches you; it starts off with lead singer Nick’s vocals, nicely performed, clean and then tricks you when you get to the big drums and distorted guitars in the middle. I can totally hear a string quartet for this. Lofthouse, don’t let me down now, this has to happen. Overall, instead of playing my go-to instrument of air guitar I went to my air drums, because the drums on this are hefty and can really make you go for it, like drumming rage because of the way it comes at you later on in the song. This song is so accessible for everyone – you’ll love it on first hearing it and you’ll want to hear it again. Lofthouse have been grounded because of lockdown, so when they come out of lockdown give them support, Nick might even treat you to one of his mum’s patent parmos, apparently a local delicacy from up North. Great band, fantastic song, keep an eye on this lot!

Hello Nick, how are you?

I’m great thanks for asking! How are you?

We are really well thank you! You’re from Middlesbrough, how did it all begin for you?

It all started when I was about 7/8 when I was Joseph in Joseph And The Technicolored Dream Coat… it was an interesting time of my life, I went to an acting school for six years and when the self-realisation that I couldn’t dance or act… I took a loving to music. 

I remember watching a video of Queen live in Montreal. I think that’s where my love for guitar came in. Ever since then… hooked! I still watch that video to this day. 

Congratulations on the release of Fly. It’s your band’s debut single, how does it feel?

It’s been a long time coming. We could have released a lot earlier, however, we wanted to build our sound and test it. This song has been in the set since day one!  So it was only fitting to have it as our first single. Plus, we love to play it live! 

How has being in lockdown affected your creativity?

Personally, I’ve struggled. I’m very much a people person. I love being surrounded by people. To be alone ALL. THE. TIME. has really effected me. I’ve been writing but it’s just a lot of ideas at the moment. 

Tell us about Lofthouse.

Originally, I had a few songs written and I wanted it to be “Nick Lofthouse with a band”. I ended up going to a gig and meeting a woman and I quite vividly remember her saying “that’s great… but what’s better is Lofthouse the band” so I started a band called Lofthouse! 

You met at university, what is a standout memory of that first jam session?

“We need another guitarist” We just didn’t have another guitarist… but we needed one!

You’re a guitarist amongst other instruments, who are your top three guitar heroes?

Brian May – Queen

Myles Kennedy – Alter Bridge

Ian Thornley – Big Wreck

What’s in your live rig?

Always a PRS. Very rare I take anything else to a gig. Boss Katana MkII and mainly Boss pedals! 

What artists are getting you excited at the moment?

I’ve started listening to a lot of classic rock I feel like I missed in my early years (I went straight to metalhead. I know. I’m embarrassed too), Jeff Buckley, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam. 

However, a lot of my friends are releasing music which excites me! Everyone needs to check out Viola by Castells. BANGER! 

What are you looking forward to most post-lockdown?

Gigging. Getting back in the studio. Gigging. Get me back in front of an audience ASAP!

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