Save Sam and Rich at BBC Introducing in the West

Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt

After 10 years working together, the BBC is replacing Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt as hosts of BBC Introducing in the West.

Sam and Rich expected to go back on air after a three months break because of Coronavirus, but local BBC management have said they want to use a new presenter from 11th July. They’re letting Sam go, but asking Rich to stay in a producer role to support the new presenter.

I have signed a petition asking for the BBC to reverse its decision to replace Sam and Richard. If you would like to sign it please go here:

Sam and Rich have done so much together on BBC Introducing in the West supporting grassroots music communities.

Sam (who many of you will remember also spent a number of years volunteering as a moderator for this very site) has tweeted about a few of their achievements below, and you will find many of the names familiar…

(See the full thread on Twitter for much, much more!)

The BBC have commented on the situation in local magazine B247. The magazine wrote:

In a statement, BBC Bristol said that the importance of “discovering new talent” will not change as a result of finding new hosts.

Richard Pitt is not leaving the show but will work alongside new presenter, James Threlfall, who currently has a show on BBC Radio Wiltshire.

Sam and Rich posted a statement last Friday:

Sam and Rich

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