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Del Osei-Owusu interviews Greysha…

Hello Greysha, how are you?
I’m great! Currently sat here with my concerningly large coffee so all is good.

Congratulations on the release of Gold Glaze, how does it feel?
It feels really good! I always get really nervous about releases and wonder how people will react to it, but the reception to Gold Glaze has been really personal and I’ve received so many touching messages.

What’s the story behind it?
I think for me, Gold Glaze was always about reflecting on my childhood and looking back, realising things I may not have realised back then. Growing up is tricky, and we all battle our demons in our own way. I think Gold Glaze is that symbolisation of constantly trying to cover up/push back, or ‘glaze’ over, the bad stuff.

Describe your sound in three words.
Dark / Electric / Immersive.

You are a Shropshire-based artist — how did it all begin for you?
I’ve always loved writing, I was an avid poetry lover when I was younger and I’d always been surrounded by music as a child! My mum used to play a variety of instruments like violin and piano, and we as a family constantly had music on.

I started to write my own songs at 14 and it all went from there!

What did you listen to growing up?
So much stuff: Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, INXS, Take That, Noisettes — mum had good taste!

You gained a sizeable following with your covers on your YouTube channel – what is your favourite song to sing?
Currently an unreleased song of mine that I absolutely can’t wait to perform live! An all time favourite cover I LOVE to sing is definitely Creature by Yonaka.

You use your songs to channel your thoughts and stories – what’s the easiest and hardest part of writing for you?
Lyrics usually come quite naturally to me, but the hardest part is usually sticking through the recording process and making sure everything is sounding like I had envisioned.

You’ve got a gig on 31st October. On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you about going on stage?
100000000000/10!!! more excited about the fancy dress though 😉 Can’t wait to support Alice Robbins – she’s so incredibly talented and I’m beyond excited to share a stage with her!

COVID impacted the creative industry – what kept you motivated?
The fact that I had so much time to write and discover myself

2020 was a time to reflect – what did you learn about yourself?
That I should follow my heart and do what feels right

Did you pick up any new skills?
Apart from eating noodles all day, I learnt how to use After Effects, Premier and I even tried hula hooping for a bit!

What are you listening to at the moment?
Lana Del Rey’s new album Blue Banisters; it’s genius and I love it a little too much.

What’s next for you?
I’m currently finishing up a music video for Gold Glaze, and when that’s out there, I’m going to move onto the next single! I also have a bunch of gigs to finish up the year, including Alexander’s Live in Chester on 1st Nov, and Percy’s Bar in Whitchurch on 5th Nov. 

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