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Guest post by Adrian Norman about the Music Lotto, a not-for-profit independent fundraising lottery project, helping to raise regular and substantial funding for independent artists and grassroots venues in England, Scotland and Wales. [Please note FOTN has no connection with Music Lotto or Gatherwell – this post is simply to share information with our readers, not an endorsement.]

Of the many economic sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, one has the been the live music industry, and no more so than independent artists and venues.

The Music Lotto aims to support the independent music community at many levels, being a not-for-profit and pledging at least 50% of each ticket sold towards independent musicians and grassroots venues, charities assisting the same and those bringing some joy to others with music. Every month, a pool of fundraised capital will also be split between up to seven artists from England, Scotland and Wales and awarded as a grant – requiring a prior application.

You don’t have to be a musician or venue to take part. 

Operated and run by lottery company Gatherwell, the Music Lotto is open to anyone aged 16+ in England, Scotland and Wales to enter, it will raise regular and substantial funding for those that need it most, with a chance of winning the £25,000 jackpot every single week. As well as the weekly jackpot, other prizes include £2,000, £250, £25 or three free tickets for the next draw.

Aiming to make life easier for unsigned, independent artists and to encourage as much diversity as possible. Beyond the lottery, there is also a longer term vision for creating live music spaces for unsigned/independent artists to play live music.  Beginning in July, the Music Lotto hopes to support small music venues by holding live music events, ideally with local music related charities/projects in attendance.

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