Bill Drummond Lecture

Bill Drummond at the Free Thinking 08 festival in Liverpool

Check this out: a rivetting lecture on the death of recorded music given by Bill Drummond at Radio 3’s Free Thinking ’08 festival  in Liverpool. It’s a charismatic, wise and uplifting performance. The idea of recorded music as “product” is, he thinks, an outdated concept unique to the 20th Century that spawned. The rapid collapse in value of recorded music is, he thinks, A Good Thing. In the future, music can once again become connected with time, place and occasion. And of course with musicians. This talk was included in full on the Arts & Ideas podcast from R3’s Night Waves programme. It’s an exceptional listen:

R3 Arts & Ideas podcast page

Penkiln Burn

Bill Drummond's Penkiln Burn

Interview, November 2004
KLF: The Manual

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  1. ade

    At first I thought this was the ramblings of a mad man, but then realised he’s making sense!
    Thank you for keeping this link alive.

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