Spring Offensive prepare for a spring offensive…

Oxford based five-piece, Spring Offensive, have been firm Fresh On The Net favourites for a long time now. Since first being played on the 6Music show back in 2009, the self confessed “wimpy miserablists” have gone from strength to strength, consistently churning out tunes that tug on our heartstrings. Mixing complex poly-rhythms and dashes of post-rock exuberance with devastatingly beautiful harmonies, the band alternate between delicate, lyric driven ambiance and desperate euphoria with soaring guitars and aggressive drums. It’s an emotional roller-coaster made all the more affective by gritty, cynical lyrics that tell tales of dreary day jobs and the struggle to pay the rent, topics that will resonate with many during dark economic times.

Spring Offensive

The band’s most recent offering, A Stutter And A Start, released in April last year, was a brooding piece of indie perfection with angular, reverberating guitars contrasted by sweet harmonies and raucous gang chants. Oxford has a reputation for producing musicians with the same academic approach as it’s students and there’s certainly a sense that Spring Offensive are anything but conventional in their approach to songwriting. Songs swell slowly until they burst into angst driven aggression, rather than reaching their climax in the first thirty seconds then repeating it until it sounds soul-less. In their approach to promotion too, the band refuse to conform to convention. The aforementioned single, A Stutter And A Start, was released alongside a hand stitched colouring book crafted by the band members themselves and they toured Germany & Switzerland in October before even considering a full UK headline tour. Further to that, in the weeks before Christmas, Oxford fans were treated to a free show, organised and paid for by the band as a way of saying thank you for their support in 2011. It’s this atypical approach to what Spring Offensive do that makes them stand out.

After a hectic 2011, the band show no signs of slowing down in the months ahead. With a UK tour quickly followed by a stint in Europe planned for April and an album currently taking shape this could be the year that Spring Offensive blossom into mainstream consciousness. In the meantime however, new single Worry Fill My Heart is set for release in March, accompanied by new track Carrier and videos for each . Exclusive to the physical copy is another new track as well as remixes of the single (and, knowing SO, a paint by numbers booklet including dot to dot lyric sheet). With so much planned for the months ahead and plenty in their arsenal ready to be unleashed, prepare yourselves as Spring Offensive engage in…well…a spring offensive.

Keep updated on Spring Offensive’s news and releases on their website www.springoffensive.co.uk

Chris Chadwick

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