Fresh Faves Batch 1

In alphabetical order here are the ten-most-liked tracks from our first batch. There were a good many interesting artists to choose from and several I was sorry didn’t make this list – including Glasgow’s Dirty Keys and Bristol’s Rock In Your Pocket – but hey, these are the ten tracks that the most people found the most appealing…

ALVIN & LYLE – The Good Feeling
Royksoppy synths and reverby vocals – a new hybrid genre you could perhaps call shoegaze disco. Find them on Facebook, Bandcamp and blogs all over the interwebs. As played by Gary Crowley on BBC LDN…

AMONG THE PIGEONS – The Inherent Racism of Doves
Standard acoustic picking redeemed by mad beatz and twee emo vocals by Piers Blewett – and goodness me it really is about doves. It’s the work of Brighton musician Charlie Anthony Thompson aka C.A.T. – hence the project name (groan 🙂 Find him on Facebook and the hilariously bizarre video on  Vimeo.

Lovely that people chose an adventurous and atmospheric work like this as one of their top five listens in this particuualrly strong batch. Soundcloud profile: “TV/Film/Game – Music/Scores. A Bristol based project investigating new avenues of creativity.”
Also find him on Bandcamp and Twitter

LAURENCE MADE ME CRY – It’s Easy When You Know How
The vocal sounds a bit like it was recorded in a bedroom quietly so as not to annoy the neighbours, but it grabs and holds the attention – while at 2:24 the songs is a perfect length for radio. It’s the sound and vision project of Jo Whitby who can also be found on Facebook.

LET’S AWAY – ‘Only in the Dark’
I’ve already played this lot on 6 Music. It’s the Sunderland-based project of Neil Wood and Jonathan Winship who’ve just finished their debut 4 track EP, ‘LET’S AWAY…FROM HERE’ with Neil Bassett from HYDE & BEAST. They’re giving away free DIY discs of the EP via their WordPress blog. and can also be found on Facebook.

ORLANDO – Slow Like A Rose
Hilary James and John Stuart met in Barcelona and are making a folkpop record – from  which this track is a striking extract with distinctive vocals from Hils. They’re clearly well-loved and supported in the Soundcloud community, but plenty of outsiders picked this track on its sheer merit. Find them on Facebook.

REBEKAH DELGADO – Sing You Through The Storm
A highly popular choice among our fellow listeners here, and blimey – is that a musical saw we hear in the background?  Love it when the massed choir comes in. This is the title track of an EP coming out on March 26th. Find Rebekah on her own dotcom website, Twitter and, inevitably, Facebook.

ROB MARR – Fencebuilding
Described by Rob as “an eccentric, hard-grooving epic about mending fences with the old man” this track comes from his second album ANATOMY, featuring Andy Newmark on drums – very much in evidence here. To declare an interest I know Robb Marr and have already played his records on air a number of times – find him on his own website or on Bandcamp.

SIMON HERRON – Masquerade
A delicate ballad from this mysterious songwriter who’s either from Derry or Edinburgh or both and there’s almost no information about him either from his Twitter feed or indeed his Facebook page. But the music speaks for itself.

ZEMMY MOMOH – Somebody Sure
It’s the vocals and songwriting that draw you in on this one. There’s nice live drums played over electronic beats, though productionwise the electro hihat wears a bit thin- it’d be interesting to hear different remixes of this track. You can find links to Zemmy on pretty much every social networking platform known to musicankind via her main Soundcloud page.

Tom Robinson

London-based broadcaster & songwriter, born 1950. His best known songs are 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad To Be Gay and War Baby; he has also co-written songs with Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Dan Hartman and Manu Katché. Read More...


  1. Roy Shaiskii

    This trip backwards on your Fresh Faves lane was delightful. Very few artists already known beforehand, thus quite the amount of (nice) discoveries. A truckload of thanks to you all!

    Best wishes.

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