Fresh Faves: 2nd April 2012

Good morning and welcome to this week’s batch of 9 Fresh Faves – handpicked by Team Freshnet from our inbox last week, then rated by readers on our Listening Post. Big thanks to everyone who took the time to come and pick their favourites over the weekend.

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Good to hear this track from Dead Surf Country. (An old track but a new recording I think?) They are tenacious, hard working and by the sounds of this well produced little number, all is going well. There is something of The Eagles in the guitar and bass work.


I have listened to this track a lot now. It stands up to repeatedly listening. And each time I listen I hear something new that delights me. (except the flute – sorry, that’s just me) Great musicianship, inventive, balanced arrangement and a good voice. I look forward to hearing more tracks done up with this sort of orchestration.


Pretty hip electro pop. The Guardian says “Some seriously sophisticated songwriting and playing… The new Wild Beasts…Kasabian fans will hate it” Says it all really. An instrumental version of this track would probably be a shoe-in for a synch.


I’m always a bit of a sucker for township style guitaring and this track is no exception. Reminds me a little of Vampire Weekend and Little Comets. Well recorded and delivered. I can imagine this band playing hipster festivals all summer long.


Well I am biased because I signed this band. However you chose it so well done. And straight from the horses mouth I have never met such a likeable bunch of hardworking and talented all round artists. This track is early days for these guys so keep tuned to radio horse. I haven’t heard it yet but I am excited about what my grey horse might make, it’ll be great.


Andrew Weatherall is one of my all time music heroes so anybody who has worked with the man, well hats of to you. Never afraid to try new things Man Make Mistakes is a splash of slightly retro pop electronica with Johnno Casson’s particular take on humanity. As with all Snippet tracks you need to pay attention to the lyrics.


The acoustic project of Coventry songwriter Steve Jones.  There’s something of Travis in this. A well recorded and played number that will keep all the folk fans amongst us very happy. Tom played his track Whole Picture two weekends ago.


It’s the chorus that holds this track for me. Just the right side of saccharin. I was a big fan of the early recordings by First Aid Kit. The honesty and emotive qualities really shine through and subsequently the basic nature of the recordings is charming. Their move to a more polished sound has come at a good time and I’d be interested to hear The Folk step back a little to their roots before moving to such a polished style. Keep it up though – great potential.


As I said in my comment on the listening post, I’d shave a bit off this track. That said it’s a great, punchy number. It’s hard to capture that sort of energy on tape and Xercx manage it effortlessly.

We’d also like to make honourable mention of AMBULANCES, CHRIS KEYS and NO ONE JONES – all of whom were also well-liked by Friends Of Freshnet  this weekend.

Al Mobbs
Monday 2 April 2012


I am a player, producer, label boss and staunch supporter of the independent community. In the interests of transparency, should I post any of my own material, my labels are Ambiguous Records and CRC Music. I am also on the board of AIM which is the trade body that looks after all the UK Independent labels. Read More...


  1. Glad that four of my five choices made the cut, I obviously have excellent taste… ha. If I could have chosen a 6th I’d have chosen The Folk, too! Another fine batch, Tom.

  2. Tom

    Had some difficulty working out who the artist was with XERCX – SPEAK! SPEAK!…. XERCX turns out to be the label ELGIN ROCK CITY (who have a huge amount of music available at and the band is CLEAVERS – doing a turbocharged version of a song previously made available by CUTE STORY…

  3. Thanks alot for including me! Some fine other choices too!

  4. Ah! I’m thrilled to be on the list. Thanks for choosing us, guys.

  5. also thrilled to be on the list… new video for this track at

  6. Tom Mott - my grey horse

    This is such an ace way to discover new music. It’s great to be included in this. Thanks a lot to everybody who listened.

  7. Thanks……just thanks:-))

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