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Fresh On The NetMy new Introducing Mixtape show goes out on 6 Music at 2-3am tonight Easter Sunday night (technically Easter Monday morning) and will then immediately be downloadable from 3am on my BBC 6 Music Downloads page. And once they’ve appeared on the mixtape, some tracks will also stand get played the following weekend on my new Saturday night show.

Now here’s the thing: all the tracks in the mixtape are sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader.  And if some of the names and song titles look familiar, well that’s because nearly all of them have been featured here on the blog in the last month or so.  So if you want your new tracks to be considered for BBC Introducing radio shows, then for goodness sake send them to BBC Introducing Uploader as soon as possible so that they qualify for airplay. We can’t put it any clearer than that  🙂

REBEKAH DELGADO – Little Boy Blue – 2:34
A solo musician from London, who embarked on a solo career in 2010 when her previous band THE LAST ARMY broke up. Live, she’s often accompanied by musical saw, violin, harmonium, cello and drums. Her album DON’T SLEEP is due for release April/May 2012

SO WHAT ROBOT – Work & Play – 3:11
Playful Newcastle 4-piece formed mid-2010 from the ashes of 2 well-loved local bands. Inspired by the wonders of modern technology, tall tales of heroic endeavours and whimsical romance. Also: Devo, Adam Ant and The Cardiacs. August 2011 released single A Girl Who Reads

DAN LENO – Lyme Regis – 3:38
Originally known as MUTLEY – they’d been renamed DAN LENO & THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEMS when they were first recommended to us by Massimo Zeppetelli from Team Freshnet. Lineup includes singer RAPHAEL VERRION’s step-dad on drums, but none of the members are called Dan Leno.

KITES – This Jumped Up Boy In Livery – 4:12
A London band consisting of a guitarist, a scholar of electronics, a former percussionist with The Holloways and a foppish pop-poet with a penchant for silk. They release ‘This Jumped-Up Boy In Livery’ this month, play various festivals this summer and tour the UK and EU for the rest of the year.

LULU JAMES – Rope Mirage – 3:54
Recommended by Ruth Barnes from The Other Woman Music. A 21 year old from Newcastle, she started writting her own music 2 years ago but has always sang. Inspired by James Blake, Jamie Woon, Gill Scott Heron, and Jamie XX. Musical genre: Melodramatic dubhop!!

BERNHOLZ – Austerity Boy – 4:45
The music project of Jez Berns, with additional members live. Jez devises, writes, performs and produces everything from artwork to videos/animations, to the music itself. This is the debut single, released digitally last month. Album HOW THINGS ARE MADE due Summer 2012.

LOOK STRANGER!  – One For The King – 3:41
School science videos and long-lost editions of Tomorrow’s World provide the alternative 2012 inhabited by LOOK STRANGER!  This is title track of their second EP ONE FOR THE KING, due out this Monday (April 9). A huge favourite on the Fresh On The Net listening post.

CHRIS SELMAN – Modern Romance – 2:27
Songwriter Chris Selman is based ‘up north’ – splitting his time between Leeds and Manchester.  ‘Modern Romance’ is the second single from his album ALL OR NOTHING which was released through iTunes last July. It also has a funny black & white silent-movie-style video.

ALL WE ARE – Red Sky – 3:16
First introduced to us by fellow Liverpudlians Stealing Sheep – with whom they’ve toured – ALL WE ARE consist of Rich, Guro & Luis. Their 2nd EP (early 2012) was written and filmed in a cabin in Norway – and a church in Walton, Merseyside.

NINETAILS – Rawdon Fever – 3:52
Also from Liverpool, NINETAILS sold out their debut EP, GHOST RIDE THE WHIP, in under two weeks and they’re now working towards a debut album. We their single Social Guesswork back in January and Rawdon Fever is their latest single – and both tracks are warmly endorsed by my colleague & fellow blogger Chris Chadwick.

Primarily a songwriting project for Ed Cartledge, EARLY CARTOGRAPHERS are based in Sheffield. They mainly like playing in parks, allotments, on rooftops and the back rooms of small cafes but are happy to play ‘venues’ too. Band interests include: Filmmaking, Samba, and Crushing Things With Our Bare Fists.

DEAD SURF COUNTRY – On A Mission – 4:18
Based in Swansea they started out being called “Mark & Meg” but adopted their present name with the change of singer from Meg Williams to Liz Clarke. They recorded new material in Amsterdam’s Studio 150 last autumn, which will be due for general release soon.

THE FOLK – When it Rains – 3:24
THE FOLK described themselves as “four engaging, lively 16yr olds who started off busking Mumford and Sons and Florence tracks in the towns of Hertfordshire”. They’ve been playlisted by BBC Three Counties Radio & this is their debut single, due out at the end of this week.

THE B OF THE BANG  – Sharks of the Atomic Atoll – 3:06
So many band biogs bleat on about how great the group is – instead of telling us how interesting they all are – that I make no apology for quoting Wit’s short and brilliant CV for TBOTB in full.
“The B of the Bang is a collective of human beings who use guitars, loops, mandolins, white noise, xylophones, accordions, banjos, feedback, shouting and percussion to conjur up melodies for maladies in the 21st century. The B of the Bang exists in an age of copyists and bandwagon-jumpers. brigands, blaggards and ne’er do wells. Its sole purpose is to sound unlike anything else you’ve ever heard whilst sounding exactly like everything else you’d ever want to hear. The B of the Bang is really just the sound of 6 people slowly losing their grip on reality. The B of the Bang will cure gout. And tennis elbow. Thank you.”

MAYFLYS – Ayo – 3:23
Based in Kingston Upon Thames with strong Bristol connections, MAYFLYS are fronted by French-born Aurelie Konter. Following the success of a selfproduced first EP as MAYFLY TRIO, they recently released a full lineup followup called “Don’t Mind If I Don’t”.

PREMISE BEACH – Hold Me Now – 4:06
The project of Jon Covell, a Manchester-based songwriter and intermittent home-recorder. While studying design at college, Jon bought a 4-track tape recorder and has been writing, playing, recording & experimenting ever since. “Hold Me Now” is the second instalment in a series of digital singles released bimonthly on the PURE CASUAL label. Due out April 30th

STYLUSBOY  – Whole Picture – 3:11
Stylusboy is the acoustic creation of Steve Jones, a Coventry bred guitarist and vocalist who cut his teeth in bands, before stripping down his sound, and venturing into the wilderness to produce his own personal blend of lo-fi alternative folk. This is the title track of an EP released last June.

CAJITA – Dont Panic – 5:53
Cajita is Jay Chakravorty, a multi-instrumentalist one-man-band from Bristol, recently moved to London. He’ll be playing a London show at The Half Moon in Herne Hill this Weds, April 11 as a special guest at the launch party for SHE MAKES WAR’s 2nd album. NB: Herne Hill is near Brixton – it’s a different venue from The Half Moon in Putney.

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  1. Dear Tom and the team – many many thanks for including us in the show this week…. a video to accompany ‘on a mission’ directed by our original singer – ~(Meg Jenkins) can be found here –

    all of the tracks we recorded in Amsterdam are now released and available through i-tunes, Amazon mp3, emusic and rhapsody…. this has been a very good weekend for us with airplay on Ede FM Holland, 105.7 Fm The Point St. Louis, Off the chart Radio and now your show

  2. Tom & the team, thanks for your support of Premise Beach. We’ll have some fresh sounds for you soon.


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