Divorce Glaswegian rock band

Divorce Glaswegian rock band

Divorce – Wet Bandit

These Glaswegian punk rockers play it ear-splittingly loud. When seeing them live at a tiny venue in north London, we left with ears ringing and silly grins on our faces. This video was made by guitarist Vickie and will bend your brain, Horseheads the 7″ is available from Milk Records or from the band live… and trust us you NEED to see this band play! Divorce have also announced that they’ll be recording their first album next month and are putting on a fundraiser because they’re broke – 11 May at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Debbie Miller – What’s She Got?

Seattle based singer-songwriter Debbie Miller has just unleashed her EP Measures and Waits on the world, and this video for What’s She Got?, the cutest slice of country-twee pop ever. Debbie is a classically trained pianist having spent ten years studying under a Julliard allumna (if you don’t know what that is, it is simply, the sh*t!) Let this be an introduction to Debbie, check out the rest of her EP it’s simple, poignant and beautifully put together.

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  1. Massimo Zeppetelli

    Love Divorce! Reminds me of A.P.A.T.T.

  2. Dan

    Divorce are brilliant 🙂 I saw them a year or two ago somewhere in south london and they sounded like a massive truck having sex with a steam engine. Awesome noise. I think you might’ve linked to the wrong Milk Records though.. that link seems to go to a dance music label with the same name. I reckon the one you want would be:

  3. Tom

    Thanks Dan – duly amended!

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