50 Things Asked For In Record Shops

Diarrhoea, Sitting On The Back Of A Duck, and The Loneliest Monk
50 Things people have genuinely asked for in record shops
List comes from the book Last Shop Standing by Graham Jones from Proper Distribution – billed as “a celebration of the unique spirit of comradeship and entrepreneurial ingenuity that has enabled so many record shops to keep operating successfully against a backdrop of massive changes in the music industry, the biggest recession in years, growth of online file sharing and the explosion of choice in music consumption.” Read more about Last Shop Standing here.

* A band whose name is something like diarrhoea (Dire Straits)
* A copulation album (a compilation album)
  the shop suggested Sinatra’s Songs for Swinging Lovers
* A song about a woman jogging down the shops (Running Up That Hill)
* Alvin Sawdust (Alvin Startdust)
* An album called Chants by Greg Orian (Gregorian Chants)
* Avro Prat (Arvo Pärt)
* Barclay James Harvester (Barclay James Harvest)
* Bill Nelson’s Red Nose (Bill Nelson’s Red Noise)
* Black Eyed Beans (Black Eyed Peas)
* Bob Miller – he is the guy with the dreadlocks, if that helps (Bob Marley)
* Buddy Holly sings the Beatles (Buddy Holly died in 1959)
* Carry on Fidelio (Karajan’s Fidelio)
* Central Heating by Marvin Gaye (Sexual Healing)
* Charley Farley, he is a ‘ragu’ artist  (Bob Marley )
* Damon All Bran (Damon Albarn)
* DJ Ango Rineheart (Django Reinhardt)
* Dr Hook and the Medicine Chest (Dr Hook and the Medicine Show)
* Frank Gillis  (Vangelis)
* Gladys Knight and the Pimps (Gladys Knight & The Pips)
* Gordon Lightfoot’s song Donkey Oaty (Don Quixote)
* Hey Dude by The Beatles (Hey Jude)
* I think it’s called ‘Up the back passage’ (Up the Junction by Squeeze)
* Jethro Tull’s Daft as a Brush (Thick As A Brick)
* Justin Beaver (Justin Bieber)
* Kick Me In The Coconuts (Kid Creole and the Coconuts)
* Love will Tear us Apart by Joey Davison (Joy Division)
* Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Streets of Ivus (Street Survivors)
* Marsha Cup (I’m All Shook Up – Elvis Presley)
* My granddaughter is a fan of Mad Donna – do you stock her CDs? (Madonna)
* Otis Redding’s Sitting On The Back Of A Duck (Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay)
* Paul O’Tinny (Paolo Nutini)
* Phil Spectrums Wall of Sound (Phil Spector)
* Polaroid by Black Sabbath (Paranoid)
* Raper’s Delight (Rappers Delight)
* Reg Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)
* Richard Claydermouse (Richard Clayderman)
* Rita Cool Fridge (Rita Coolidge)
* Rock Around the Clock by Bill Shankley (Bill Haley)
* Ron Maiden (Iron Maiden)
* Ron Skibbit (Bronski Beat)
* The Arctic Gorillaz (Arctic Monkeys)
* The Edison Lighthouse Family (Edison Lighthouse/The Lighthouse Family)
* The Jammy Rocker (Jamiroquai)
* The King And I by Slade (Your Love is King by Sade)
* The Loneliest Monk (Thelonious Monk)
* The Phenomenal Handicap Band (Phenomenal Handclap Band)
* The song about a transsexual who nearly misses the train (KLF: Last Train to Transcentral)
* The songs that goes “I’m arsehole, man” (Sam & Dave: I’m A Soul Man)
* Tommy Eros (Tori Amos)
* Wilson Pikelet (Wilson Pickett)

Last Shop Standing is also a 60-minute documentary due to be released in the summer 2012 – see below for preview:

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    – Someone and the whale (Noah and The Whale)
    – What are the easiest songs to listen to by The Fall
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